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Orleans Aperitif Ciders: Vermont-Made Alternatives to Campari and Lillet

Maggie Hoffman 4 comments

Domestic vermouth is super-hot right now—there's a bevy of small producers making new vermouths using high-quality wine and a range of both traditional and experimental flavorings. But what about alternatives to classic bitter cocktail ingredients like Campari and Lillet? Enter Vermont's Eden Ice Cider, with their new bitter aperitif ciders. More

The Cider Press: American Ice Cider

Chris Lehault 1 comment

If traditional cider is delicate and nuanced, ice cider is its complex and assertive counterpart. Served cold, ice cider takes the best aspects of cider and intensifies them, layer upon layer, for a sipping drink bursting with the full spectrum of apple-y, earthy cider flavors. More

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