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Will Gordon's Bottom Shelf Caloric Journey

Welcome to a Very Special Episode of Drinking the Bottom Shelf. Today I will be working off a gambling debt to Serious Eats Overlord Ed Levine, and we will all be learning valuable lessons about kale juice, mortality fears, and betting against a man with the words Serious and Overlord in his job title. More

Comparing Juice Cleanses: Organic Avenue

Shortly after we finished our BluePrint juice cleanse adventure, a friend mentioned that she really preferred the flavor of the juices from Organic Avenue. We were immediately curious—we enjoyed the BluePrint juices, but wondered if a cleanse could be a tastier experience. Our conclusion? The Organic Avenue juices are a bit more creative than what BluePrint offers—which sometimes worked well, and sometimes, well, bombed. More

Cool Drinks, NY: Green Lemonade at Lafayette Espresso Bar

At Lafayette Espresso Bar and Marketplace the Green Lemonade ($4.95 small/$6.45 large) is a refresher that couples elements from three popular summer drinks: lemonade, green juices, and ice cold ginger tea. A tart, fresh lemonade is the base, and it's blended with raw spinach leaves, apples and apple juice, and finally a spicy dose of grated ginger. More

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