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Behind the Scenes at the Nonino Distillery in Italy

Behind the Scenes Elaine Chukan Brown 2 comments

Grappa can be thought of as the final production of a grape, as it is made from the pomace—skins, seeds, and stems—after the fruit has been used to make wine. The tradition of grappa finds its truest home in the Northeastern regions of Italy, where farmers turned the leftovers of their harvest into what was then seen as a healthful elixir. More

Coffee Traditions: Caffè Corretto

Meister 5 comments

Although it doesn't have the ancient pedigree that the Ethiopian coffee ceremony has, caffè corretto (or espresso corretto) also fulfills a significant cultural need shared not only by its Italian originators, but just about also anybody else with a lust for life: Hair of the dog. More

Cocktails and Spirits with Paul Clarke: Getting a Grip on Grappa

Paul Clarke 5 comments

Virtually everything in the world of spirits is an acquired taste, but some tastes take longer to acquire than others. In today's Washington Post, Jason Wilson tackles a tipple that can be a particularly rough one to get accustomed to: grappa. More

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