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DIY vs. Buy: How to Make Grape Soda

DIY Projects Marcia Simmons 2 comments

Most grape-flavored things don't taste like grape at all—they taste like purple. Commercial grape soda walks the line between the taste of real grapes and sugary artificial flavor. Grape soda should be the non-alcoholic, fizzy sister to wine, but instead it seems to be the least appreciated of the sodas. I've had a soft spot for this deep purple, bubbly beverage since childhood, so I was inspired to make a DIY version that has a more natural flavor. More

A Primer to Peruvian Pisco

Paul Clarke 5 comments

It's too soon to tell if 2011 will be pisco's year, but expect to see this distinctive South American brandy, produced from several styles of grapes, popping up in new places. More

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