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Behind the Scenes With Up Mountain Switchel in Brooklyn

Behind the Scenes Siobhan Wallace 1 comment

Switchel, also known as switzel, swizzle, or Haymaker's Punch, refers to the apple cider vinegar, water, and ginger-based drink found throughout America and the Caribbean during the 17th century and beyond. Both Laura Ingalls-Wilder and Herman Melville were fans, the latter mentioning it in the story "I and My Chimney." Unlike a shrub, switchel is mostly been consumed as a stand-alone drink, not a cocktail or bubbly-water addition. And while the switchel dates back several hundred years, it's on the rise again in Brooklyn thanks to Ely Key and Garrett Riffle's Up Mountain Switchel. More

From the Juicer: Green Grapefruit Ginger Juice

Juice and Smoothie Recipes Carolyn Cope 2 comments

Hey, jerky January jet lag. Meet Green Grapefruit Ginger Juice. It's crisp and refreshing and positively buzzworthy, in that fresh grapefruit juice always gives me sort of a weird little buzz of mild hyperactivity that's exactly what a girl needs to combat jet lag phase two. More

Quick Drinks: The Bul

Julianne Puckett 1 comment

This Cuban favorite is often reserved for summertime sipping around the barbecue, but it's perfect for sipping alongside game day fare like pulled pork, wings, and 7-layer dip. More

7 Spiced Cocktails for the Holidays

Recipe Roundups Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

Baking spices have a home in drinks too: cardamom, clove, ginger, and nutmeg can add complex flavor that latches right into the bold notes of spirits and liqueurs. Here are seven favorite drinks to help add a little spice to your holiday cocktail party. More

11 Ginger Drinks to Make at Home

Recipe Roundups The Serious Eats Team 6 comments

11 recipes for ginger-spiced fall drinking inspiration. More

From the Juicer: Power Potion

Juice and Smoothie Recipes Carolyn Cope 3 comments

My eight-year-old is running a race at school next week, and I'm going to let her dope. Good parenting, right? What, was I multitasking so much during Lance Armstrong's Oprah interview that this is what I took away from it? Nope, not this time. Before you call social services, read this: I'm letting her dope by drinking beet juice for breakfast. More

Drinking in Season: Rhubarb and Ginger Cocktail

Drinking in Season Kelly Carámbula 2 comments

Since rhubarb is on the tart side, it's often paired with sweet, summery fruits like strawberry or raspberry, but one of my favorite rhubarb combos is rhubarb and ginger—especially in a light, refreshing cocktail. More

3 Great Cocktails to Make with The King's Ginger

Maggie Hoffman 6 comments

The King's Ginger may have only reappeared on bar shelves last year, but it technically has been in production since the early 1900s, when it was supposedly prescribed as a warming medicinal tonic for King Edward VII. It's a bit more subtly gingery than Domaine de Canton, but it also seems more natural tasting (and less sweet.) More

DIY vs. Buy: Should I Make My Own Ginger Liqueur?

DIY vs. Buy Marcia Simmons 10 comments

Ginger liqueur offers an exciting bend of sweet and spicy flavors. It can turn a basic drink into an intricately layered cocktail experience. Sure, you can use ginger liqueur all year (it's great with sparkling wine, especially when muddled with peaches in the summer) but this potion especially calls to us in winter, when it's just the thing to spice up our drinks. You can buy Domaine de Canton at most liquor stores—but what about making your own instead? More

3 Nonalcoholic Holiday Punches To Make at Home

Carrie Vasios Mullins 2 comments

There is something distinctly fun and welcoming about punch, which helps to explain why this party-friendly drink is making such a comeback. These 3 recipes are a great way to highlight classic holiday flavors like cinnamon, cranberries, and apples. Best of all, since these drinks are non-alcoholic, the whole family can enjoy them. More

Brunch Drinks: Pimm's and Cantaloupe

Heather Arndt Anderson Post a comment

This brunch cocktail is drier than your standard Pimm's Cup, with just soda, ginger, and lemon slices instead of sweet sparkling lemonade, and wedges of heirloom cantaloupe instead of cucumbers (they're botanical cousins), and I left out all that fruit salad. It's a lovely, iced tea-colored sipper that really refreshes. More

Beyond the Dark and Stormy: 6 Great Ginger Cocktails in San Francisco

Where to Drink: San Francisco Lauren Sloss 4 comments

We have a weakness for all things ginger—cookies, tea, pickled ginger shavings with sushi. So, when we began noticing ginger cropping up on more and more cocktail menus around San Francisco (and moving way beyond the Dark and Stormy), we knew we had some serious sipping to do. More

Ginger & Peanuts: Two Great Tastes from Under the Earth

Lee Zalben 5 comments

I love simple ginger tea, and I was wondering if I could somehow work peanuts into this warming beverage. It turns out that you can brew "tea" from peanuts, and with some added ginger and a little honey, it becomes a delicious drink that is wonderful with toast or cookies. More

The Serious Eats Ginger Beer Taste Test

tressa eaton 71 comments

Ginger beer goes great with a bunch of foods, cutting through fatty food and complementing spicy Thai food. In summer, it's refreshing; in winter, the ginger is warming. Plus it usually comes in a cool glass bottle instead of a can. We tried seven kinds of ginger beer, and a few burps later, found the best. More

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