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Gift Guide: For Wine Lovers

If someone on your list is a wine lover, he does not want a tie with a picture of wine on it for Christmas. She does not want a tshirt with a picture of a corkscrew. And neither of them really want a cute six-bottle wine rack with curlicues on each end. They mostly want help doing what they love: finding wine, buying wine, storing wine, learning about wine, and drinking wine. If you're looking for gifts for wine lovers, here's our guide to doing it right. More

Gift Guide: For Cider Lovers

Whether your loved ones are gluten free gourmands or adventurous homebrewers, cider just might be on their holiday wish lists. We're here to help with gift ideas: books, bottles, gear, and even a weekend getaway that your favorite cider lover is sure to enjoy. More

7 Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

The theme of this year's coffee gift guide is decidedly all about exploration. Whether it's helping a brother-in-law develop a more nuanced palate, encouraging your coffee-concerned significant other to give in on the hiking trip you've been suggesting for months, or even just picking out the perfect colors for your cousin's reusable to-go cup, the gift ideas on this list will help your loved ones peek into the world beyond their regular coffee routine. More

Last Minute Gift Guide for the Bottom-Shelf Drinker

We bottom-shelfers don't choose this path because we lack the means or sophistication to aim higher, but rather because we appreciate the subtle beauty of the more accessible liquors. It's easy to derive pleasure from vintage Champagnes, trophy bourbons, and extra-virgin IPAs. If you want to give your bottom-shelfer a gift he'll enjoy, go right ahead with the magnum of Double Imperial Pappy Van Krug. Everyone with a tongue likes that stuff. But if you want to give a bottom-shelfer something that says you understand and respect his world view, that you realize he has not just a tongue but also a heart and maybe even a soul, you might consider these options. More

Gift Guide for Tea Lovers

There are few things more satisfying than a well-stocked cupboard of teas—except perhaps a well-stocked cupboard of tea-related toys. For your tea-loving friends this time of year, we offer a few perfect gift choices, from the fanciful to the indispensable, at prices you won't find too steep. More

Gift Guide: For Spirits and Cocktail Lovers

'Tis the season for holiday shopping, and we want to make it a bit easier on you. If you're having trouble thinking of great presents for your family and friends—and if your loved ones happen to be spirits aficionados—we're here to help. Here are ten great gift ideas that will be a hit with cocktailians, home mixologists, and fanciers of booze in general. More

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