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Get to Know Us: Will Gordon, Bottom Shelf Columnist

Drinking the Bottom Shelf Maggie Hoffman 25 comments

You may know Will Gordon better than many of the SE crew, thanks to his wonderful storytelling every week. You know he likes 7-Eleven and lives in Cambridge, and you know the man can drink. But today's your chance to learn a bit more about our Bottom Shelf expert. Take it away, Will! More

Get to Know Us: Joe Postma, Homebrewing Columnist

Homebrewing Maggie Hoffman 1 comment

Joe Postma is one of the most knowledgeable homebrewers I've ever known—he's always a great source of advice for others attempting to brew their own beer. His finely tuned palate—and truly delicious homebrew—impressed me back when he joined me for tastings for Serious Eats' first beer column, so I knew I wanted to bring him to the Drinks team as a resource for homebrewing recipes and troubleshooting tips. Got questions for Joe about homebrewing? Topics or styles of beer you wish he'd cover? More

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