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Gadgets: White Wine Aerator by Vinturi

Nikki Goldstein Post a comment

A few months back, we took a look at the Vinturi and found that, across the board, Serious Eaters like the funny-sounding aerator as much as I did. So naturally, when I saw a white wine counterpart to the Vinturi on the market, I brought it back home for an equally extensive round of testing. More

Coffee Chronicles: Coffee Nerd Shopping Guide

Liz Clayton 2 comments

Whether it's out of the sheer pleasure of giving or the dire need to improve the coffee situation at your parents' house over the holidays, the time is upon us to seek out some of the best most giftable coffee toys. And whether your price point is a bag of beans or a $200 grinder, coffee gifts are the best gifts—many of them far less annoying to fit in your checked bag than a pizza stone. More

5 Tools to Help You Become a Home Barista

GreenwayBarista 2 comments

How do we get that great shot of espresso, or that award-winning cappuccino, at home without the shiny commercial machines and professional grinders? Here's a list of five great home-brewing tools for making that perfect cup every morning. More

Baristas Test The Slayer, the New $18,000 Espresso Machine

Erin Hulbert 20 comments

Fewer than 20 of these fancy espresso machines exist at coffee shops. One barista walks us through the experience of using The Slayer (much better name than The Impaler and The Beheader, no?) to see if it's worth all the fuss. More

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