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How To Upgrade Bottled Juice With Fresh Fruit

We bought every type of blend-able fruit we could find along with every type of plain bottled juice in the juice aisle, and brought them home to see if we could figure out our favorite 1-juice, 1-fruit combos. Some blends were great, others were passable, and some downright vile (I'm looking at you, orange juice with papaya). Here are some general tips we figured out, along with a few of our favorite flavor combinations. More

22 Ways To Use Summer Fruit in Cocktails

Ok, you got a little over-ambitious at the farmers' market, or your garden is really going gangbusters. You're already knee-deep in sweet and sour cherries, blueberries, raspberries...and you could be heading toward peach season. You'll be baking your fill of desserts, but a refreshing drink can help you power through. Here are 22 ideas for how to get seasonal fruit into your cocktails. More

Bachelor's Jam: Preserving Fresh Summer Fruits with Booze

You can always preserve summer's flavors with mixtures of sugar, salt or vinegar, but for another way to enjoy the season's strawberries, cherries, and peaches during the colder months of the year, try that other venerable food preservative and flavor enhancer: liquor. Bachelor's Jam, which involves the use of that powerful preservative and flavor enhancer, liquor. Bachelor's jam is basically a boozy form of preserves, also called "officer's jam," that combines fresh fruit, sugar, and ample measure of strong spirits. More

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