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Hangover Helper: Happy Accidents at Yolk in Portland, OR

Hangover Helper Adam Lindsley 4 comments

After a night of throwing caution to the wind, why not do the same the next morning by heading to egg-centric food cart Yolk and ordering the chef's-choice, anything-goes, never-the-same-thing-twice breakfast sandwich, the Happy Accidents? Picky eaters, vegetarians, and those with dietary restrictions need not apply. More

Hangover Helper: Rip City Romance Tater Tots from Timber's Doghouse PDX in Portland, OR

Hangover Helper Adam Lindsley 1 comment

The egg is often called upon to bridge the gap between breakfast and an entree from either of the other two meals of the day, but drape it over a pile of tater tots, cheese, onions, hot sauce, and jalapeƱos and you've got one bang-up hangover cure. More

Hangover Helper: Egg Zeppelin at Fried Egg I'm in Love in Portland, OR

Hangover Helper Adam Lindsley 3 comments

1970s rock gods Jimmy Page and Robert Plant embodied one characteristic above all else: excess. And the aptly named Egg Zeppelin ($8) at the Fried Egg I'm in Love (sensing a pattern here?) food cart on SE Hawthorne in Portland mirrors its namesake's penchant for overkill with a fat, salty, spicy stack of eggs, sausage, cheese, and hot sauce designed to transform your groans of agony into sighs of delight. More

Hangover Helper: The "Kick Flip" at Pig Vicious, Austin

Hangover Helper Carey Jones 2 comments

I suppose the "Kick Flip" at Austin's Pig Vicious cart is a quesadilla, but it's different (and overstuffed) enough to count as something different. Scrambled eggs and bits of thick, chewy bacon, with jalapeƱo for heat, guacamole for smooth substance, and just enough of a ranch-like dressing to bind it together, not make it taste ranch-like at all. More

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