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Hangover Helper: Torrija Andaluza at Harvest Vine in Seattle

Hangover Helper Jay Friedman Post a comment

I want to eat the butter on its own, but fight temptation and spread some on my toast, then drag a biteful through the cherry preserves. The toast has that familiar crusty exterior that yields to a creamy interior. What makes the Torrija Andaluza so special, though, is the combination of savory and sweet from the foie and the preserves. More

Hangover Helper: The FG&J Donut from Umamicatessen in Los Angeles

Hangover Helper Farley Elliott 4 comments

The J, of course, stands for jam, a dark forest berry concoction that is thick and sweet, with the tiny seeds still mixed in for texture and depth. The FG, then, is foie gras, which comes as a soft, slightly salty mousse riding shotgun with the jam. More

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