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Get Funky With Wild Fermented Ciders

Chris Lehault 1 comment

Forgoing the precision of modern technology, these cider makers embrace the old-world method of fermenting with yeast already present on the skins of the apples. While producing cider using native fermentation can be unpredictable, the results can offer an array of savory and earthy flavors—these ciders are more complex than any others in the American cider landscape. More

The Cider Press: Quick Homemade Hard Cider

Chris Lehault 21 comments

Last week on The Cider Press, we talked about the how cider gets from the branches of a tree to a bottle. But what if you don't have a few extra acres to plant an orchard? Here's a guide to the simplest and cheapest way to make cider at home. More

The Cider Press: Cider From Fruit to Glass

Chris Lehault 3 comments

Developing a delicious hard cider is no easy feat. From farmer to scientist to master blender, aspiring cidermakers take on a variety of roles through their cider's long journey from fruit to glass. While there are as many methods to cider production as there are apple varieties, here's a general idea of how cider is made. More

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