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Coffee Innovators: ZPM Espresso and the Affordable Home Espresso Machine

Coffee Meister 5 comments

A pair of childhood pals and self-proclaimed nerds cook up a revolutionarily affordable home-espresso machine, put the project on Kickstarter, and overwhelmingly surpass their funding and backing goals? Must be all the caffeine. More

Coffee Equipment: Breville's New Home Espresso Machine

Liz Clayton 2 comments

Breville hopes to throw as much commercial-grade technology as possible at the home game, emphasizing that the dual boiler technology—famously popularized by the commercial duty Synesso machines, also Australian—will be the ticket in leaping ahead of the competition. More

Coffee-to-English Dictionary, Part II: Espresso

Meister 6 comments

Do you ever feel like you could use a little translation at your local coffee shop, or while perusing the bags of beans at your favorite market? Here's the first in a multipart Coffee-to-English glossary designed to help you navigate the sometimes-complicated coffee lexicon. More

Serious Espresso At Home: Finding the Right Machine

Meister 17 comments

Tired of having to get out of your pajamas in order to get your morning macchiato? (Well, without attracting sideways glances, anyway.) If you have a daily double-espresso habit, you might consider bringing it into your kitchen, on account of both the convenience and the cash: A home unit can pay for itself relatively quickly—depending on your dependence. More

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