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Snapshots from Vietnam: Egg Coffee in Hanoi

Erin Zimmer 9 comments

My put-an-egg-on-it philosophy applies to most dishes. Got leftovers? Reheat; put an egg on it. Got a salad or sandwich or pretty much anything else? Put an egg on it, please! But coffee? Put...an egg on it? Egg coffee, or cà phê trứng in Vietnam, is a special drink you'll find at select coffeehouses in Hanoi. If you like tiramisu, you'll probably like egg coffee immensely. More

Cocktail 101: Eggs in Cocktails, Part 2

Cocktail 101 Michael Dietsch 2 comments

With last week's Salmonella 101 out of the way, it's time to turn to the practical use of eggs in cocktails. This week, we'll look at the roles that eggs play in cocktails, we'll rock just a little more science, and we'll examine several classic types of cocktails that use eggs. Let's get cracking! More

Cocktail 101: How to Use Eggs in Cocktails, Part 1

Cocktail 101 Michael Dietsch 6 comments

You ever flip for a fizz? Are you sweet on sours? Eggnog aside, the cocktail world has three classes of drinks that traditionally call for the use of eggs, used either whole or in part. This week and next, we'll look at how to use eggs in cocktail making. We'll start, today, with a look at egg safety and the dreaded salmonella. More

Cocktails and Spirits with Paul Clarke: Flipping Out for Drinks with Whole Eggs

Paul Clarke 7 comments

One thing that people tend to do more in December than during all other months combined is introduce eggs into their strong drink. I'm not talking about the light, foamy cocktails made with a little egg white that you see throughout the year; rather, these are the rich, thick nogs of winter that trace an ancestral linage back to the flips of colonial America. More

Cocktails and Spirits with Paul Clarke: Eggs (Whites and Yolks) in Cocktails

Paul Clarke 7 comments

Eggs can perform several functions in a drink. The foam can form a cushiony surface for a drink, perfect for bearing an aromatic ingredient such as a few dashes of bitters atop a Pisco Sour, or an elegant-looking buffer for the sharper flavors of citrus and spirits in drinks such as the Clover Club. More

How Would You Like Your Drink? Scrambled or Over Easy?

Paul Clarke 7 comments

It may not carry the same fear-inducing firepower as challenging foods like tripe, brains, or other "variety meats," but there's an ingredient in occasional use behind the bar that sometimes rattles the unsuspecting customer: raw eggs. More

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