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Your New Christmas Cocktail: Matt Poli's A-go Flip

Lizz Schumer Post a comment

The A-go Flip is what would happen if eggnog left the farm for the big city, then came back for a family gathering, bringing a few tricks up its sleeve. More

Ango Nog: An Even-More-Wintry Eggnog

Nick Guy 2 comments

This drink from Anvil Bar & Refuge in Houston might just become your new favorite eggnog recipe. The key: a long pour of Angostura bitters instead of your standard brandy or whiskey base. More

We Try 10 New and Limited-Edition Winter Drinks

Nick Guy 8 comments

We try the new Starbucks Gingerbread Latte, new Sprite Cranberry, Blue Moon Gingerbread Spiced Ale, and a whole slew of eggnogs. More

We Try Every Flavor of Hood Eggnog

Maggie Hoffman 13 comments

Last year, I subjected the Serious Eats team to a doozy of a taste test, sipping 10 different commercially available eggnogs. But they were all the standard flavor, more or less, and there's more to eggnog than just the classic. So we tasted every variety from Hood (which won second place in our taste test last year.) Here's what we thought. More

December Brunch Drinks for A Crowd

Recipe Roundups Sydney Oland Post a comment

December's social calendar is packed with office parties and dinner get-togethers, so pretty soon the celebration start spilling over into the daytime. The answer: a festive holiday brunch, served with copious daytime-appropriate cocktails. These recipes—all fun spins on the classics—are designed to make it easy to serve a crowd. Whether you're spending time with dear friends, or just using those extra cocktails to take the edge off a visit from your in-laws, this is the season to feel free to imbibe—especially in the morning. More

DIY vs. Buy: How to Make Advocaat, Dutch Eggnog

DIY Projects Marcia Simmons 4 comments

When I was a kid, Dutch relatives would bring my family all the treats that were hard to find here in the states. My favorite was hagelslag, which are candy sprinkles that you put on buttered bread. (Boxes of hagelslag guaranteed that I would be allowed to eat candy for breakfast.) The grownups, however, got all excited about a ochre-colored liqueur called advocaat. It looked like an avocado-and-mustard milkshake to me, so when they'd pour themselves a big glass for Christmas, I was never tempted to sneak a sip. After all, these were the same adults who'd rave about salty black licorice, which I knew for a fact was the worst thing I'd ever tasted. More

Which is the Best Local Eggnog in Boston?

Where to Drink: Boston Meredith Smith 10 comments

The production that goes into making eggnog at my family's holiday party each year is such a ritual that it's borderline sacred, and buying eggnog is considered sacrilege. So forgive me, family, for I have sinned. But when I saw that High Lawn, the Lee, Massachusetts dairy farm that produces some of the most widely available premium milk in the Boston area, had gotten into the eggnog game, I figured it was worth a try. More

Los Angeles: Top Notch Eggnog from Broguiere's

Where to Drink: Los Angeles Katie Robbins 5 comments

Sure, the temperature dips a few degrees and there's the occasional Santa on skates blazing down the Venice boardwalk, but the real indication that it's holiday season in Los Angeles is when Broguiere's eggnog begins showing up on grocery store shelves around the city. More

Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Old New England Egg Nog

Drinking the Bottom Shelf Will Gordon 21 comments

It's office holiday party season, which presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities here at world headquarters of Will Gordon Industries. The party has to be held on a weekday afternoon, because that's when I was able to secure the most favorable rate for the venue (my kitchen, which is reserved for soup-making on nights and weekends throughout the winter), which means I will be the sole attendee. More

A Dozen Ways to Upgrade Your Eggnog

J. Kenji López-Alt 16 comments

What's that? You're sick and tired of plain old nutmeg-scented 'nog? Well, my friends, you've come to the right place, for we've got not one, not two, not even three, but a full dozen ways to upgrade your eggnog with a few simple supermarket staples. More

Obsession-Worthy Eggnog from Straus Family Creamery, Marin County CA

Carrie Vasios Mullins 9 comments

I don't know what they're feeding those cows, but this was far and away the best eggnog I've ever had. I could see this actually washing down a holiday cookie or two, rather than gluing sprinkles to my upper esophagus. The drink has a mild, milky sweetness: it doesn't feel like melted ice cream in a glass. More

Taste Test: Eggnog

The Serious Eats Team 25 comments

Homemade eggnog can be a delicious thing, enriched with fresh eggs and cream, a careful grating of nutmeg, and just the right amount of sugar. (Plus a dunked cookie or two.) But mixing it up yourself can seem a little daunting (and holiday entertaining already has you frazzled). So you're just going to pick up a carton at the grocery store. But which brand should you buy? We recently conducted a blind taste test to figure out which is the best nationally-available brand of premade eggnog. More

Rompope and Coquito: Holiday Drinks from Mexico and Puerto Rico

María del Mar Sacasa 6 comments

Rompope, the Mexican version of eggnog, and coquito, the coconut-enhanced Puerto Rican version, are poured and shared on nochebuena (Christmas Eve) and given out as gifts in festively wrapped bottles, but they'll fit in at any holiday celebration. More

Do You Spike Your Eggnog? With What?

Maggie Hoffman 65 comments

Today we were sipping some 'nog at SE World Headquarters and a bit of a debate broke out: what is the best booze to use in eggnog? Some folks add brandy, while others are loyal to whiskey, particularly bourbon. But what about rum? Tell us: do you tip a little Jameson in your holiday eggnog, or do you add a shot of Southern Comfort? Or do you just enjoy the rich eggy beverage without any spirits at all? More

Cocktails and Spirits with Paul Clarke: Flipping Out for Drinks with Whole Eggs

Paul Clarke 7 comments

One thing that people tend to do more in December than during all other months combined is introduce eggs into their strong drink. I'm not talking about the light, foamy cocktails made with a little egg white that you see throughout the year; rather, these are the rich, thick nogs of winter that trace an ancestral linage back to the flips of colonial America. More

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