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In Praise of Slivovitz, Eastern European Plum Brandy

Max Falkowitz 14 comments

It's true, slivovitz isn't always easy to love (though the same could be said for the suddenly hip Fernet Branca), and it's hardly a world-class spirit. As one Chowhounder eloquently put it, "it tastes like jet fuel to the uninitiated." But if you haven't tried slivovitz before, I want to make the case that you should. There's a niche in every bar that only punchy, fruity brandies like grappa or slivovitz can fill. More

That's the Spirit: Clear Creek Eau de Vie de Pomme

Spirit Reviews Andrew Strenio Post a comment

Though perhaps not quite as American as hard cider, applejack and apple brandy occupied an equally overlooked dusty shelf in the liquor store for much too long. Luckily, we're now experiencing a resurgence of quality apple distillates such as Clear Creek Distillery's Eau de Vie de Pomme. More

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