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Recommended: Charleston Bold & Spicy Bloody Mary Mix

Jed Portman Post a comment

That Charleston Bold & Spicy Bloody Mary Mix is more complex than your typical Bloody Mary mixer is evident from the list of ingredients on the bottle. A conventional base of water, tomato paste, and Worcestershire sauce meanders on to apple cider vinegar, roasted vegetables, roasted beef, anchovies, habanero peppers, and other seasonings numerous enough that I won't list them here. A sip is as crowded, flavor-wise, as the ingredient list. More

Our Search for the Best Bloody Mary Mix

Maggie Hoffman 29 comments

The Bloody Mary should be made fresh—this is a drink that deteriorates over time, losing its bright, fresh flavors and all the complexity that makes it delicious. But if you're not hosting a fancy brunch, just desperately seeking the hair of the dog, you may want to keep things simple. So you're wondering: which is the best premade Bloody Mary mix? More

Our Search for the Best Margarita Mix

Maggie Hoffman 27 comments

It's Cinco de Mayo, and you invited friends over for margaritas. If you're feeling a little overwhelmed, you may be tempted to pick up a bottle of margarita mix instead of making fresh margaritas. Which mix is best? We braved a sugar-and-tequila headache to taste eleven different versions. More

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