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Serious Beer: Imperial Stouts

Beer Reviews Maggie Hoffman 10 comments

We tasted 23 of the strongest, darkest beers we could find and discovered that quite a few imperial stouts deserve to be on our list of favorite beers. Are they worth traveling across the country for? Could be. More

Serious Beer: Tasting North American Stouts

Beer Reviews Maggie Hoffman 18 comments

Oatmeal? Check. Lactose? Yep. Espresso? Why not? You can add all kinds of ingredients to a stout. This week, your Serious Beer team tasted a wide variety of stouts from American and Canadian craft brewers so we could let you know which ones are delicious. More

Serious Beer: English Porter

Beer Reviews Maggie Hoffman 21 comments

Though dark in color, English porters aren't very high in alcohol. They have a hint of coffee-like bitterness from black, chocolate, or smoked brown malted barley, but not as much big roasted flavor as most stouts. A good porter is creamy and drinkable—if you think you don't like dark beers, you should give porters a chance. More

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