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We Try the New Bacardi Light Strawberry Daiquiri

Maggie Hoffman 8 comments

Premixed cocktails are tricky to do right. Citrus flavor often comes out oily and lacks the bright acidity that is needed to cut through sweetness. But this premixed cocktail, poured over ice, has more tartness than I expected, moving it toward balance. The only problem: a weird aftertaste from the artificial sweeteners. More

5 Tips to Improve Your Daiquiri

Amy Cavanaugh 4 comments

The daiquiri is a classic three-ingredient cocktail (made from just rum, lime juice, and sugar) that's a favorite among cocktail drinkers for its beautiful simplicity. At Tales of the Cocktail on Friday night, the Hand-Shaken Daiquiri Competition challenged 12 bartenders from across the country to create their own spin on the classic formula. Here are 5 take-home tips from the competition. More

Revisiting the Daiquiri: More Than Just an Alcoholic Slushie

Paul Clarke 7 comments

Summer has crested the hill, and during the hot, bright days of the season, perhaps no other cocktail has more appeal than a classic daiquiri. The drink has earned recent attention. Washington Post columnist Jason Wilson wrote: "If the word 'daiquiri' makes you think of a frozen blender slushie sort of thing that involves bananas or strawberries, that's cool. But you and I are probably not going to be, like, BFFs or anything." More

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