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Cocktail Overhaul: Cosmopolitan

The Cosmo is arguably one of the most influential cocktails of the past twenty-five years. Its popularity skyrocketed in the 90's and was on the menu off every bar from NY to Timbuktu. It already saw one upgrade later in its life and now its time for a new one. More

DIY vs. Buy: How to Make Cranberry Liqueur

Forget about the big jugs of watery cranberry juice on the grocery store shelves—the best way to put these gorgeous red fruits into your drinks is with a homemade cranberry liqueur. Fresh cranberries are ubiquitous this time of year, and turning them into liqueur is a snap. So not only will you have a versatile ingredient for festive Thanksgiving cocktails, but a bottle of this beautiful crimson liqueur also makes a great gift come December. More

Have You Tried Cranberry Beer?

It can be a little risky, from a brewing perspective, to add any foreign bodies to a beer. Cranberries present special issues, Sand Creek Brewery's Todd Kreuger told me, because cranberries are very low pH and can stall a beer's fermentation. Lots of healthy yeast is necessary for cranberry beer to not be an underattenuated, sticky-sweet disaster. But each of these cranberry beers would make a fun addition to your Thanksgiving meal. More

3 Easy Brunch Drinks for November Entertaining

November is the beginning of the holiday season; the beginning of the whirlwind that starts with Thanksgiving and ends with a New Year's day hangover. Before everyone scatters, it's time gather some good friends and invite them over for an easy late-morning brunch. There are any number of recipes on Serious Eats to help you feed everyone, but I also wanted to make sure you have help getting cocktails in everyone's hands. Here are a few November-appropriate brunch drinks that are scaled to make it easy to serve a crowd. More

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