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How to Make Sweetleaf's Iced Chicory-Coffee 'Rocket Fuel'

Coffee Liz Clayton 8 comments

Far from the French Quarter, in the outer boroughs of New York City, you'll find a coffee shop slinging a different twist on the classic chicory-coffee combination. We crashed the party at Brooklyn's Sweetleaf outpost to get some step-by-step tips on this drink from barista Nikita Flavius-Gottschalk. More

We Try Califia Farms' New Almond Milk Iced Coffees

The Serious Eats Team 1 comment

Califia Farms' AlmondMilk (which is made from whole blanched (not roasted) California almonds) is available in number of the flavors you might expect (original, unsweetened, vanilla, and coconut) but they recently launched a ready-to-drink iced coffee option for vegan, non-soy drinkers—and for those of us who just like the taste of almond milk. While we generally shy away from premixed, ready-to-drink anything, having prepared iced coffee ready to go in the fridge is a convenience we're interested in. Because we're never more lazy than before we've had coffee, and we've always forgotten to make cold brew the night before. More

What's Your Iced Coffee Method?

Coffee Maggie Hoffman 33 comments

As long as the sun is out (even if the wind is brisk), I'm game for a cool afternoon caffeine kick. But these days there's an entire menu of possible iced coffee brewing methods...even if you're just making yourself an iced coffee at home. Here's a rundown of a few different options. More

How to Brew Aeropress Coffee Over Ice

Coffee Liz Clayton 11 comments

As the crisp days of fall and the last sunsets of summer fight for your affection, there's always time for one last stab at hot-weather refreshment (or if you're in Los Angeles, and it's still 100°). And though you've heard of cold brewed coffee, and Japanese-style iced coffee, there's yet another—faster!—way to brew cold. And goodness knows with winter rolling right in, time is of the essence. More

Cold Brewed Coffee: Now in Growlers

Maggie Hoffman 4 comments

As you may have seen The New York Times, you can now score a growler (64 ounces!) of cold-brewed ice coffee at Birch Coffee in New York. We gave the coffee a try, and it's just about perfect. But is a growler of coffee a good deal? More

How to Make Cold-Brew Iced Coffee

Meister 24 comments

You don't need any special equipment to make the life-restoring, heat-battling, cold-brew iced coffee everybody's talking about. Just coffee, water, a couple containers, a filter—and about 12 hours of patience. More

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