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Simple Drinks: Fernet and Coke

Mira Evnine & Liz Clayman 3 comments

Bitter and aromatic Fernet enhances the spice inherent in Coca Cola. More

Sour Beer + Cola + Whiskey: Make Kevin Schulz's 'Coked-Up Monk' at Home

Lizz Schumer Post a comment

Made with sour beer, Coca Cola, and rye, plus rich Carpano Antica vermouth, this drink tastes like a chocolate egg cream with a boozy backbone. More

Thums Up for Indian Cola

Sam Hughes 6 comments

Rather than go head to head with the marketing machines of the big boys, the Parle group sold Thums Up to Coca-Cola in 1990. The labels of the two colas might seem similar, but Coca-Cola Classic and Thums Up do actually have quite distinct flavor profiles. More

Snapshots from Hong Kong: Boiled Coke with Ginger and Lemon

Robyn Lee 4 comments

Boiled Coke with ginger and lemon started off as a popular cold remedy in Hong Kong, but now it's a popular anytime drink that's found at pretty much all Hong Kong diners. As a first-time, not sick drinker, I found it surprisingly pleasant. The cold and fizzy are gone, but you're left with sweet, spicy, a little tart, a smidge medicinal—all things that would feel restorative on a cold day or in a stream of warmth going down a sore throat. More

Confession: I Like Coke Zero

Jed Portman 39 comments

I was a teenage cashier in the main cafeteria at Texas A&M University. And that's a story in itself. But it's relevant here because that's where I first tried Coke Zero. The hours were long, the work was slow, and I needed a cold pick-me-up to get me through the dinner rush. More

Soda: Do You Ever Mix Fanta and Coke?

Carey Jones and John Edwards 47 comments

Just about any kid with an empty tall cup and a soda fountain in front of her has probably tried mixing sodas. (All those options in front of you; how could you not?) But in Germany, soda-mixing isn't just for kids; mixing Coke and Fanta (or their equivalents) is so popular that the mix is sold in bottles (Coca-Cola's is called "Mezzo Mix", Pepsi's a "Schwip Schwap"). Are you a soda mixer? More

Soda: The Pepsi Throwback Throwdown

Carey Jones and John Edwards 26 comments

Pepsi Throwback—the sugared equivalent to a soda generally made with corn syrup in America. John fancies himself a sugar-loving guy, and will always buy a Throwback over a normal Pepsi, or a Mexican Coke over an American one. But how much of these preferences are in his head? More

The Food Lab, Drinks Edition: Is Mexican Coke Better?

J. Kenji López-Alt 118 comments

Everyone in the know knows that sugar-sweetened Mexican Coke is superior to corn-syrup-sweetened American Coke, right? But is it possible, however unlikely, that somehow us cult of Mexican Coke lovers are all being hoodwinked? Does Mexican Coke really taste better? This week, we find out. More

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