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World Coffee Research Aims to Prevent Coffee Extinction

Coffee Meister Post a comment

Variety is the spice of life, but can it also be coffee's savior? World Coffee Research (WCR) hopes to find out, before it's too late. More

Higher Coffee Learning With MadCap Coffee's Varietals Series

Coffee Liz Clayton 1 comment

Few coffee drinkers have actually had the chance to compare different coffee varietals directly. Grand Rapids (and Washington, DC) roaster MadCap is looking to change that. More

Coffee Varieties: SL-28

Coffee Meister 3 comments

The jewel in the coffee crown might have an unromantic name, but its sparkle is unmistakable: today we'll chat about the SL-28 variety from Kenya. More

Coffee Varieties: Timor Hybrid

Coffee Meister Post a comment

Once, when an Arabica and a Robusta plant loved each other very much...they made a wacky interspecies hybrid on the island of Timor. More

Coffee Varieties: Bourbon

Coffee Meister 3 comments

Bourbon isn't just for Old Fashioneds: It's also the name of one of the world's most popular coffee varieties. It has a figgy, pastry-like sweetness and gently balanced acidity. More

Coffee Varieties: Gesha

Coffee Meister 6 comments

The most striking thing about Geisha coffees is that they taste nothing like their Latin American counterparts. More

Coffee Varieties: Heirloom Ethiopians

Coffee Meister 3 comments

Variety isn't just the spice of life: It's also one of the most beautiful and exciting things about coffee. In the next few columns, we'll be taking a closer look at some of the diversity that exists among coffee plants. We start where it all began, with the vast biodiversity of coffee plants in East Africa. More

Why Coffee Varieties Are Important

Coffee Meister 2 comments

Would you like apples as much if every one was a Granny Smith? Part of what makes apples great is the number of varieties that exist—and the same goes for coffee. More

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