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Coffee Traditions: Fika, the Swedish Coffee Break

Coffee Meister 9 comments

You know a country takes its coffee breaks seriously when they are virtually protected by law, and the Swedish tradition of fika is just that. More

Coffee Traditions: Espresso Cubano, or Cafecito

Meister 11 comments

Also called espresso Cubano, the drink is a shot of dark-roasted espresso brewed either directly onto sugar, or with the sweet granules mixed and melted with the grounds as they're extracted. More

Coffee Traditions: Caffè Corretto

Meister 5 comments

Although it doesn't have the ancient pedigree that the Ethiopian coffee ceremony has, caffè corretto (or espresso corretto) also fulfills a significant cultural need shared not only by its Italian originators, but just about also anybody else with a lust for life: Hair of the dog. More

Coffee Traditions: Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

Meister 7 comments

Coffee comes with its share of mystical, often even whimsical origin stories ("Didja hear the one about the goatherd whose livestock took to dancing after chomping on some potent little red berries?"), but you don't need a book of fables to get a taste of the stuff's history. Especially if you ever get a chance to witness (and drink the fruits of) an Ethiopian coffee ceremony. More

Coffee Traditions: Scandinavian Egg Coffee

Meister 22 comments

Scandinavian egg coffee is a traditional brewing method most commonly found in Sweden and Norway; it calls for a whole raw egg to be mixed with the coffee grounds before adding them to boiling water. But does it taste good? More

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