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Joe Coffee: The New Roaster to Watch in Philly and Beyond

A coffee chain opening their first cafe outside of their hometown isn't always a game-changer. But looking at the likes of Intelligentsia and Stumptown: sometimes it is. Enter New York's City's Joe, then—who last week opened their first-ever out-of-state cafe in the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood of Philadelphia. Their entry into this growing coffee-literate city isn't shocking at first. But throw into the mix that it's part of Joe's gradual transition to roasting their own coffees exclusively and the Northeast will soon have another major roasting force on its hands. More

Small-But-Mighty Coffee Roaster: Thanksgiving Coffee Company

Every day is one of gratitude for the folks at seminal Mendocino County, CA roasters Thanksgiving Coffee Company. Thanks to founders Paul and Joan Katzeff's vision to create a responsible, artisanal coffee resource in me-centric 1970s California, Thanksgiving has enjoyed a long reputation of leading industrywide innovations in giving back as much as we take—from the earth, from the farmers, and from each other as professionals. More

Coffee Profile: Cuvee Coffee in Austin, Texas

Texas might be famous for many of its culinary contributions—brisket barbecue, for instance, and a sizzling-hot platters of fajitas—but coffee? Maybe not yet, but Mike McKim of small-but-mighty Austin-based specialty coffee roaster CuvĂ©e has something to say about that. More

5 Small-But-Mighty Coffee Roasters to Seek Out

Tired of all the endless caffeinated attention paid to Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, and the other behemoth bean pushers? Here are five up-and-coming coffee roasters that are poised to slingshot their beans right smack dab between the Green Mermaid's eyes. (Not that we have anything against mermaids...) More

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