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How to Determine Your Home-Coffee Budget

Coffee Meister 27 comments

Even your quality- and caffeine-obsessed coffee columnist gets sticker shock sometimes at the cost of coffee. Today we break down the pennies per cup in a bag of whole beans, to justify that price tag's existence. More

The Hidden Costs of Coffee

Coffee Meister 37 comments

Some folks are more than happy to plunk down $4 or $5 for their morning coffee or latte, while others marvel at how expensive coffee has become, especially over the past ten years. It certainly can seem like a mystery: the market price for green, unroasted coffee currently averages about $1.53 per pound—so why does the price increase tenfold (or more) when it arrives on shelves here? More

Why We're Paying More for Coffee

Meister 32 comments

Nobody wants to be told that they have (or should, or need to) pay more for something. Especially when that something happens to be what gets them going every morning and sustains life after boring midafternoon meetings. But it's true, friends: The coffee market is changing, and we have to change with it. Here's why those precious beans will soon cost us all a bit more bread. More

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