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What Do Coffees from the Major Growing Regions Taste Like?

Coffee Meister 12 comments

Though there isn't a way to know what every coffee on earth will taste like just by knowing where it's from, there are some predictions that can be made based on a coffee's growing region. What do coffees around the world taste like? Here's our guide. More

Drink It While It's Fresh: Yes, Coffee Has Seasons Too

Coffee Meister 15 comments

Coffee, believe it or not, is just as tied to the seasons as squash, corn, and garlic scapes are. (Coffee is, after all, the seed of a fruit.) Here's how to navigate the coffee calendar so that you can drink the good, fresh stuff. More

Around the Caffeinated World: Return to Africa

Meister 1 comment

Coffee practically had to travel around the entire globe before landing in Kenya, Rwanda, and Burundi. But why did it take so long for this Ethiopian-native plant to reach such nearby natives? More

Around the Caffeinated World: The Ottoman Empire

Meister 3 comments

Both the cultivation and the culture around a coffee crop can differ wildly from place to place, origin to origin, as traditions are handed down through generations. Our third stop along the timeline of coffee's trip around the world is the vast Ottoman Empire, which is responsible for brewed coffee's first trips west through Europe. More

Around the Caffeinated World: Yemen

Meister 9 comments

This is the second column in a series exploring the history and lore of various coffee origins. Today, we'll follow our favorite beans as they venture out of the motherland for the first time, making a pit stop in Yemen. More

Around the Caffeinated World: Ethiopia

Meister 8 comments

How did coffee get planted around the world, and how much does terroir play into cup flavor? We'll spend the next few columns exploring the history and lore of various coffee growing regions, starting with the place where it all began: Ethiopia. More

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