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Drinking the Bottom Shelf: Kapali Coffee Liqueur

Eleven months a year, Bottom Shelf research coordinator Emily and I have a fair, precise, and effective labor agreement: I do the shopping and the cooking, and she does the everything elseing. This suits me fine because I like to cook. Or rather, I like to eat and drink things that have been prepared in my kitchen and to my specifications; that's the only way to ensure the Brussels sprouts get burned, the whiskey gets overpoured, and the mustard gets slathered on every edible surface. More

Kahlúa Cinnamon Spice: A Flavor Too Far?

It's getting hard to keep track of the extensive Kahlúa flavored family: mocha, French vanilla, hazelnut, especial, and peppermint mocha. And that's not even including their ready-to-drink concoctions: Original Mudslide, White Russian, Banana Mudslide, Cappuccino Mudslide, chocolate latte, Rspberry White Russian—phew! And with the launch of Kahlúa Cinnamon Spice this month, I can't help but wonder whether the world really needs another Kahlúa on the shelf. More

Brunch Drinks: Lucrenzia's Coffee

This brunch cocktail is named after the infamous Lucrenzia Borgia, a woman whose family originated from Valencia (home of the famous oranges). She was rumored to have proclivities for incest and poisoning anyone who got in her way. These are just rumors, though; she was also purported to be beautiful, blond and buxom, which is how these rumors tend to start. To that I say, hate on, haters. More

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