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4 Great Coffee Books for Beginners and Coffee Geeks

Coffee Liz Clayton 1 comment

Some days, it's just not enough to drink coffee, is it? After you've consumed your daily maximum, do you muse: if only there was a way to continue to think about, learn about, dream about coffee... But there is! Here's a quick list of great coffee books to get you started. More

What You Taste When You Taste Sumatran Coffee

Coffee Liz Clayton 6 comments

Why is Sumatran coffee so contentious? Coffees in Sumatra are traditionally processed using a method called Giling Basah, or wet-hulling, which results in a coffee that leaves the farm with a much higher moisture content than other methods used more popularly worldwide. Coffee processed this way tend to be described as herbaceous, spicy, wild, mushroomy, funky, earthy, and other things that may or may not sound good to you. More

Want to Open a Coffee Shop? Consider These 3 Tips First

Coffee Nick Cho 17 comments

12 years after opening my first coffee shop, I'm opening another—my sixth. I've learned a lot about opening and running coffee shops, some through making major mistakes. There's the obvious stuff (manage your cashflow, pay your taxes, etc.), the almost-as-obvious stuff (use good quality coffee, hire good people), and the stuff that nobody tells you about but may make the difference between running decent cafĂ© and a really great one. Today we'll focus on that last category of advice. More

How to Descale Your Automatic Coffeemaker, and Why You Should

Coffee Liz Clayton 21 comments

Your coffeemaker's success relies, in large part, on your partnership. For all your fancy coffeemaker does for you each day, do you give back? Do you listen to its needs? Do you, in fact, descale? More

How Japanese-Style Slow-Drip Coffee Brewers Work

Coffee Liz Clayton 8 comments

Japanese slow-drip cold coffee brewers make a concentrate of patiently wrought coffee one drip at a time. These handsome towers use the variable of lots of time, not lots of temperature, to extract a brew that's more subtle and aromatic than cold brew methods that require steeping grounds completely in water. More

Spiked Coffee Goes Pro: 6 Fantastic Coffee Cocktail Recipes

Recipe Roundups Lizz Schumer 4 comments

We asked a slew of bartenders from around the country about their favorite ways to use coffee in cocktails. After testing them all, we must weigh in: these drinks are gutsy, creative, and most of all, delicious. More

If You Like Chicory Iced Coffee, Try St. George NOLA Coffee Liqueur

Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

It's made with Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee beans roasted by Jewel Box Coffee in Oakland and ground in the distillery's grain mill. Chicory and Madagascar vanilla add a sweet and earthy flavor to the mellow, smooth liqueur, bringing it right in line, flavor-wise, with the Blue Bottle potion. More

Ask a Coffee Roaster: What's Your Favorite Coffee-Growing Country?

Coffee Liz Clayton 4 comments

Nowadays, folks who roast coffee for even relatively small, artisan roasting companies are able to travel the world to visit the places where coffee grows, and meet the farmers there. We asked four roasters what their favorite growing origins are, and why. More

How to Make Sweetleaf's Iced Chicory-Coffee 'Rocket Fuel'

Coffee Liz Clayton 8 comments

Far from the French Quarter, in the outer boroughs of New York City, you'll find a coffee shop slinging a different twist on the classic chicory-coffee combination. We crashed the party at Brooklyn's Sweetleaf outpost to get some step-by-step tips on this drink from barista Nikita Flavius-Gottschalk. More

These In-Season Winter Coffees Will Melt Your Blues Away

Coffee Liz Clayton 2 comments

Coffee (it's a fruit!) is fresher at certain times of the year. But keeping track can be a little confusing. Between what's arriving to roasters now, countries with multiple harvest seasons, and the time it takes coffee to travel from its country of origin to the roaster, it can be hard to know what's freshest. Want to drink what's best right now? More

Coffee Maker History: The Moka Pot

Coffee Liz Clayton 21 comments

Though it's essentially a percolating device, Bialetti legend suggests that the machine was inspired by early clothes-washing machines which used a heat source to boil a pail of sudsy water and cause it to rise up out of a tube, which could be aimed at soiled laundry. More

How Espresso Is Made: A Visual Guide

Coffee Liz Clayton 3 comments

We asked Tamara Vigil, who works as an in-house educator for Irving Farm Coffee Roasters in New York City, to walk us through each part of making a successful espresso shot. More

The Brazen Brewer Brings Precision and Deliciousness to Home Coffee Brewing

Coffee Liz Clayton 6 comments

The single biggest flaw in your everyday automatic drip coffeemaker is temperature control. The Behmor Brazen Coffee Brewer tackles that problem head-on, and also allows for a programmable pre-infusion period. More

New Trends in Coffee: The Age of the Nano-Roaster

Coffee Nick Cho 7 comments

Do you know your coffee history? A look at a few of the changes in the coffee scene over the past decade. More

Is Shade-Grown Coffee Better?

Liz Clayton 2 comments

As a savvy coffee consumer, you know by now that a deep stack of feel-good adjectives like 'shade-grown', listed at the top of your coffee bag, may sometimes be deceiving. A coffee that's fair trade, organic, hand-picked, and roasted by people who've never been late to return a library book is better than a coffee that isn't, right? Could be—but what do you mean by better? Does shade-grown coffee taste better? Let's find out what it is to begin with. More

Weird Coffeemakers: How the Belgian Balance Brewer Works

Liz Clayton Post a comment

You'll look unbelievably cool making coffee in this weird double-chambered brewer. More

The Best and Worst Coffee Beans at Trader Joe's

Coffee Liz Clayton 24 comments

This year's updated advice on what to buy—and what to skip—on the Trader Joe's coffee bean shelves. More

5 Coffee Movers, Shakers, and Trends to Watch in 2014

Coffee Liz Clayton 4 comments

As a new year dawns, we've got our eye on a few exciting players and trends we're expecting big and bigger things of in the coffee world in 2014. More

Throw Away Your Blade Coffee Grinder

Coffee Nick Cho 71 comments

If you want to improve the coffee you're making at home, the best thing you can do is upgrade to a burr grinder. More

Coffee Comes Alive! Dr. Kefir and Verve Collaborate in Santa Cruz

Liz Clayton 2 comments

The unusual pairing was a natural extension of Dr. Kefir founder Brian Lovejoy's own drink-curiosity. "I'm an experimenter so I try to ferment everything I love," says Lovejoy. Hopefully that does not extend to family, friends and pets—but it did extend to coffee. More

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