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Video: Rick Bayless Makes Sparkling Ginger Margaritas at Serious Eats HQ

We had a swell happy hour recently when Rick Bayless stopped by the Serious Eats office to demonstrate a few recipes from his book Frontera: Margaritas, Guacamoles, and Snacks. In this video, Rick Bayless and Ed Levine shake up an excellent batch of sparkling ginger margaritas, and Rick gives us a quick education about agave syrup and kaffir lime leaves. More

5 Silver Tequilas You Should Try

Our man Michael Dietsch already offered up a great guide to the spirit's history and production process, so you're practically an expert now—except the only bottle on your liquor cabinet is cheap mixto left over from last year's Cinco de Mayo celebration. Looks like you're ready to try something new—maybe even sip a little silver tequila on its own to see what this agave business actually tastes like. But which blanco tequila is best? Here's are a few of our recommendations. More

Bottom Shelf Beer: Which Is The Best Mexican Lager?

Remember a month or so ago when every Serious Eats employee got a promotion except for me? Now Kenji's called some grand, Oprahesque thing, the maniacal Jones woman is newly empowered to yell at me, and even Hambone got kicked up to Senior Office Dog. As happy as I was for my friends—which was barely happy at all, because what do I care about their good fortune if it doesn't put any extra mustard in my fridge?—I was still a bit disappointed to have been passed over. What's the harm in letting me call myself the Executive Director of Cheap Booze and Long Wind, say? More

Is Avion (The Tequila On Entourage) Any Good?

The characters in HBO's Entourage seem to really like Avion tequila. (Perhaps they like it a bit too much—a few too many shots almost cost Vince a role in a movie.) And in real life, Avion Silver won Best Unaged White Spirit award at the most recent San Francisco World Spirits Competition. So my curiosity was piqued. Is the Entourage boys' tequila any good, or is this stuff just popular because of a pretty bottle (held up on television by a pretty actor)? More

Five Great Tequilas to Drink on Cinco de Mayo

The difference in quality between a cheap mixto tequila and a well-made 100-percent agave spirit can be as wide as the Mar de Cortes, making it worthwhile to do a little research before reaching for your wallet. Here are five brands of the spirit, each of them 100-percent agave tequilas, worth checking out this Cinco de Mayo. More

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