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Ask a Sommelier: What to Drink With Chili

Fall is chill-in-the-air season, football season, tailgate season, and the season when we start craving belly-warming, slow-cooked food. That means we're eating a lot of chili these days, particularly the Food Lab's awesome 'Best Chili Ever'. But what's the best wine to drink with the best chili ever? We asked 13 sommeliers for their drink-pairing advice. More

Hangover Helper: Vegan Frito Pie

One of the biggest problems I've discovered since going vegan is that when I gave up meat and cheese, I didn't simultaneously cocktails. How is this a problem? Well, if you follow my weekend recipes, you'd know that fatty meat and cheese are sort of staples in my regular hangover regimen (exhibits A and B). So what's a cocktail-loving vegan to do? How about go back to the roots and hit up one of the grandaddy's of hangover helpers: The Frito Pie. More

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