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Chicago's Best Bars for Whiskey, Gin, Tequila, and Other Spirits

Where to Drink: Chicago Emma Janzen 3 comments

Chicago might be a whiskey city, but there's a new crop of great bars celebrating the virtues of other spirits. Here are some of the best spots for whiskey, gin, tequila, rum, vodka, and more. More

Chicago Drinking Guide: The Best Spots for Cocktails Right Now

Where to Drink: Chicago Emma Janzen 3 comments

A new sense of saucy irreverence is at play in Chicago—cocktails on tap, in bottles, and dance nights with shots of Old Fashioneds are all fair game. Here's our guide to the best places to drink cocktails in the Windy City right now. More

Visiting Chicago? Where to Drink Near Chicago Landmarks and Tourist Attractions

Where to Drink: Chicago Anthony Todd Post a comment

Here are some of the best drinking destinations near major tourist attractions in Chicago. Some are full-on craft cocktail bars, while others might be slightly less obvious spots, like restaurants with great cocktail programs and a cozy spot to sit. More

5 Great Places for Booze-Free Drinks in Chicago

Where to Drink: Chicago Abby Kindelsperger 3 comments

Luckily, Chicago is a great drinking city, and some places are up to the challenge of offering non-alcoholic beverages that won't induce diabetic shock. Whether you are expecting, entertaining a pregnant guest, or simply looking to cut back on your spirit consumption, here are my five favorite options for Chicago drinking without the booze. More

First Look: Cocktails and Alcohol-Free Drinks at The Dawson in Chicago

First Look Anthony Todd Post a comment

The Dawson's drink menu includes 10 cocktails, a 'daily dram' infused in the tall glass column downstairs, and a selection of nonalcoholic sodas created by in-house soda jerk Dalton Finney. More

A Tribute to Charlie Trotter From Wine Importer Terry Theise

Terry Theise Post a comment

I must say, I have never seen a restaurant that respected wine more than Charlie Trotter's. Many times I experienced the now-legendary adaptations of dishes to the wine on the table. Once I asked Charlie, "Did you really change that dish because I'd ordered (X) wine?" He said, "Of course I did; we do it all the time. What's in the bottle can't be changed, but I can tweak a dish to make the match work perfectly." More

BroVo Creates Bartender-Designed Amari

Anthony Todd Post a comment

BroVo has teamed up with bartenders all over the country to make small batches of customized amari. In Chicago, bartenders Stephen Cole (of Barrelhouse Flat) and Mike Ryan (of Sable) are among the chosen few. More

First Look: A Glass of Cocktail History at Punch House in Chicago

First Look Anthony Todd Post a comment

"Punch is a loan word from the Hindi language, from the word meaning five," explains Will Duncan, the beverage manager at Punch House. "Punch is a balance of five flavors; it always balances strong, weak, bitter, sour, and sweet." This is the first of many lessons in history and mixology to be learned at Punch House, Chicago's first punch-focused cocktail bar, owned by the team behind The Empty Bottle and Longman & Eagle. More

First Look: Cocktails at The Revel Room, Chicago

First Look Anthony Todd Post a comment

At The Revel Room in Wicker Park, you'll find cocktails (including a Blood and Sand on tap), more than 30 canned beers, and a hidden back-room library. More

First Look: CH Distillery, Chicago's First Distillery-Bar

First Look Anthony Todd Post a comment

"We went on all of these distillery tours, and we got tired of standing around at the end drinking warm spirits out of a plastic pill glass," explained Mark Lucas, co-owner of CH Distillery. That's why he and his partner Tremaine Atkinson have created a space where you can sip fresh spirits, distilled right behind the bar, the way they were meant to be tasted: in cocktails. More

An Ode to The Charleston, a Neighborhood Bar in Chicago's Bucktown

Where to Drink: Chicago Roger Kamholz 6 comments

Why, in a city so rich with rock-solid corner bars, do I praise the Charleston above all others? So many good small things that add up to something great. More

Where to Buy Wine in Chicago

Where to Drink: Chicago Anthony Todd 10 comments

Each of these 5 Chicago wine shops has friendly staff, an atmosphere that isn't too intimidating, and not a whiff of snobbery. More

First Look: Underground Tiki Cocktails at Three Dots and A Dash, Chicago

First Look Anthony Todd 8 comments

Guests enter Three Dots through a back alley, climb down a dark staircase (with a wall full of skulls staring creepily) and into the tropical basement bar. Half of the menu is made up of classic tiki cocktails, the rest are the creations of Paul McGee, formerly of The Whistler. More

Crafthouse: Bottled Cocktails from Charles Joly of The Aviary

Anthony Todd 3 comments

Moscow Mules, Southsides, and other cocktails by the bottle from Charles Joly of The Aviary in Chicago. More

8 Great Dive Bars In Chicago

Where to Drink: Chicago Amy Cavanaugh 9 comments

Chicago is a fantastic city for dive bars. Here's our handy list of 8 great options we recommend. More

First Look: Mixing with Maotai at Lao 18 in Chicago

First Look Anthony Todd 4 comments

"This bottle alone costs approximately $600 retail," explained mixer Allie Kim as she handed over a bottle of Maotai. The Chinese government has given it out as a diplomatic gift, while newscaster Dan Rather famously once said it was like drinking "liquid razor blades." At newly opened River North Chinese spot Lao 18, they've incorporated it (in very small doses) into their cocktail program. More

First Look: Cocktails at The Berkshire Room, Chicago

First Look Anthony Todd 2 comments

Why open yet another craft cocktail lounge in a city filled with them? "I saw a gap in the drinking scene in Chicago," Benjamin Schiller explains. "There wasn't a place where you could go and get a craft cocktail, but if you wanted a vodka soda you'd be treated the exact same way." More

First Look: Barrel-Aged Root Beer and More at Eleven Lincoln Park, Chicago

First Look Anthony Todd 3 comments

At this new Lincoln Park diner, Brad Rubin is serving barrel-aged root beer, plus milkshakes, phosphates, and egg creams made with refurbished antique equipment. More

First Look: All the Cocktails at Parson's Chicken & Fish, Chicago

First Look Roger Kamholz 2 comments

Parson's is the latest restaurant venture of Land & Sea Dept., a Chicago-based cohort of design-savvy entrepreneurs whose best-known work, Longman & Eagle, is at once an ambitious, Michelin-starred dining destination and an old-school whiskey-pouring neighborhood tavern. With the introduction of Parson's, LSD's methodology grows clearer: melt down a few cultural-historical references (Southern rock, classic American cars, a black-and-white photo depicting circa-1970s-style revelry), tap a promising chef to stir the pot, and leaven with a sprinkle of unassuming, modern-eclectic design. More

Malört: Chicago's Favorite Bitter Liqueur

Where to Drink: Chicago Amy Cavanaugh 4 comments

Unless you've spent a lot of time in Chicago, you've probably never tried Jeppson's Malört, an intensely bitter spirit that's only available in the city and surrounding suburbs. And if you have, you probably know it as "that drink that tastes like burnt carpet." More

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