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Sioux City Soda Gets Fancy With Prickly Pear and Cherry Mint

Sioux City's excellent sarsaparilla is famously name-checked in cult favorite The Big Lebowski, but in reality, the movie's 1991 setting would have made it practically a brand-new product, and not the weathered and time-tested brand the mustachioed cowpoke narrator seems to be looking for. Goodness knows what Sam Elliott's seen-it-all range rider would think about Sioux City's latest additions to the line. More

Taste Test: Cherry Soda

Cherry sodas are often a liquid recreation of dime store cherry candy. They're more retro-soda-fountain than upscale fruit drink; whether you're into that is up to you. For this taste test we found 12 different brands of cherry soda and bravely sampled each and every one of them. Did we miss one of your favorites? More

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