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First Look: Cocktails at Montmartre, NYC

Montmartre is Gabe Stulman's sixth restaurant. It's the only one outside the boundaries of the West Village, but it follows the same formula that's come to define his quickly growing Little Wisco Empire. On 18th and Eighth, you'll find another shoebox-size room with hip photos, a focused menu, and whimsical cocktails. Brian Bartels is responsible for the latter. He runs the cocktail program at each of Stulman's restaurants, and he once again aims to coax big flavors from the confines of a small bar. More

Now Open: Joe Pro Shop, NYC

Finally filling a niche inexplicably underserved in New York City is the new Joe Pro Shop, a coffee shop that isn't a cafe, on a quiet, art-studenty block in Chelsea. The Pro Shop—which focuses on offering a changing selection of interesting beans (about five coffees at a time) from roasters across the country, as well as all manner of brewing gear—fills not just a functional but an inspirational role in coffee. More

NY Coffee Guide: The Best Coffee in Chelsea

Glorious Chelsea! From gallery to warehouse to office to mediocre restaurant, this neighborhood has it all—not the least of which is a small handful of reliably solid, innovative coffee purveyors ready to meet your daily West side needs. Of the billions of businesses in this small area, we've highlighted a few whose coffees rise above the crowd—so take a short stroll through the 'hood and sip as you go. More

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