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Cinnabon's Salted Caramel Chillatta is Their Best Chillatta Experiment

Fast Food Drinks Adam Lindsley 1 comment

Cinnabon's new limited-edition Salted Caramel Chillatta brings the salty dessert trend into the beverage world surprisingly well. More

We Try Cinnabon's Limited-Edition Peanut Butter Cup Chillatta

Fast Food Drinks Adam Lindsley Post a comment

Just in time for a record-breaking ascent into high summer temperatures, mall cinnamon roll hawker Cinnabon joins the Reese's craze with the limited-time-only Peanut Butter Cup Chillatta, the latest in its line of sweetened iced beverages. More

We Try the New McDonald's Dulce de Leche Caramel Shake

Fast Food Drinks Hayley Daen 7 comments

The name really should've tipped us off, with two super-sugary confections named smack dab in center of the title. This new milkshake from McDonald's is sweet. More

We Try the New McCafé Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie from McDonald's

Fast Food Drinks Craig Cavallo 7 comments

The new drink is an icy blend of blueberries and raspberries that we found quite refreshing, if a bit thick and weighty should you get the optional dose of yogurt (we did). More

We Try the New Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino from Starbucks

Craig Cavallo 16 comments

The new crunchy caramel variation starts with a few squirts of coffee, which are then followed by ice, milk, and dark caramel syrup—a new ingredient Starbucks created specially for the CRCF. More

We Try Cinnabon's Limited-Edition Oreo Mint Chillatta

Fast Food Drinks Adam Lindsley 5 comments

Just in time to compete with McDonald's Shamrock Shake and Dunkin' Donuts' Lucky Mint Coolatta for your neon-green-tinted-drink dollars, Cinnabon is rolling out its limited-time-only Oreo Mint Chillatta. It's a frozen beverage that looks just like a shake but does not at all drink like one. More

We Try the Lucky Mint Coolatta at Dunkin' Donuts

Fast Food Drinks Craig Cavallo Post a comment

When it comes to sweet, minty, St. Patrick's Day-inspired fast food drinks, most folks channel their excitement toward the Shamrock Shake from McDonald's. But the new Lucky Mint Coolatta ($3 for a small, pictured) from Dunkin' Donuts gives that green drink a run for its money. More

We Try Burgerville's Chocolate Hazelnut Milkshake

Fast Food Drinks Adam Lindsley 2 comments

Something about Nutella makes even the most mild mannered horf it down in an animalistic frenzy. And while Pacific Northwest-based Burgerville isn't using any actual Nutella here, the spirit of the transcendent spread is alive and well in the chain's delicious seasonal Chocolate Hazelnut Milkshake. More

We Try Arby's Peppermint Stick Swirl Shake

Fast Food Drinks Adam Lindsley 3 comments

Arby's may be known for its fast-food roast beef sandwiches, but that hasn't stopped the national chain from getting in the holiday spirit of things with its new Peppermint Stick Swirl Shake. More

We Try Burgerville's Pumpkin Milkshake

Fast Food Drinks Adam Lindsley 2 comments

Burgerville sources their pumpkins from Stahlbush Island Farms in Corvallis, Oregon, located 80 miles south of Portland. Because pureed pumpkin reaches a much smoother consistency than, say, blackberries or raspberries, this is Burgerville's easiest-drinking seasonal shake yet. For lovers of milkshakes and pumpkin + spice, Burgerville's fall seasonal shake is an easy recommendation. More

We Try Jamba Juice's New Light and Soy Pumpkin Smoothies

Hally Wolhandler 1 comment

There's nothing like autumn to make food and drink chains whip out the specialty flavors, and no flavor is more present than pumpkin. While pumpkin coffee drinks kind of gross me out, sipping something warm and spicy as the weather gets colder does have a certain seasonal appeal. But slurping a refreshing pumpkin smoothie? Jamba Juice thinks you should, for they are rolling out their Pumpkin Smash smoothie for fall—including a new light version and a soy variation. More

We Try Burgerville's Fresh Blackberry Shake

Fast Food Drinks Adam Lindsley Post a comment

With strawberries and raspberries under its belt, Burgerville closes out its summer milkshake series with a fruit that almost anyone living in the Pacific Northwest can find growing in their backyard: blackberries. More

Why Sonic's Cherry Limeade Is The Best

Fast Food Drinks J. Kenji López-Alt 44 comments

Where I grew up, the Sonic chain of drive-in fast food burger restaurants was thin on the ground. New York is not exactly a city with a car culture. So I was a bit slow to get onto the Sonic Cherry Limeade boat, but now that I'm aboard, I can say with reckless abandon that it is truly the king of fast food soft drinks. More

Our Take on Jamba Juice's New 'Make It Light' Smoothies

Gracie Dulik 1 comment

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area smack dab in the middle of the so-called health food movement, smoothies were everywhere. That is, before fro-yo swept through and became the trendy snack du jour. Poor little smoothies. But smoothie chain Jamba Juice lives on, ever popular in malls across the country. We recently tried their new low-calorie lineup. More

We Try the New Slurpee Lite Fanta Sugar-Free Mango from 7-Eleven

Fast Food Drinks Molly Goldman 10 comments

It's hard to resist a Slurpee in the summer time, even if you're not a high school kid hanging around in the 7-Eleven parking lot. I'm drawn to the onomatopoeic name and its natural association with Bart Simpson. But does the world need a diet Slurpee? Just in time for the warm months, 7-Eleven has unleashed Slurpee Lite, a sugar-free frozen beverage with half the calories of your run of the mill Wild Cherry Slurpee. Today I sampled the Slurpee Lite Fanta Sugar-Free Mango, May's signature flavor. More

Starbucks Refreshers: New Energy Drinks from Starbucks

Carey Jones and John Edwards 8 comments

People across the country (and across the world) pack themselves into Starbucks locations each morning and afternoon with the goal of pumping caffeine into their veins. Others pop into convenience stores, highway rest stops, and drug stores in search of an energy jolt. Caffeine is big business, so it's no surprise to see a player from one arena cross over into another. Starbucks has already put out a number of coffee drinks, but they've now moved into another corner of the caffeine world, releasing a line of energy drinks, much like a Monster or Red Bull. More

Burger King's New Smoothies and Frappés

Drinking with Will Gordon Will Gordon 4 comments

Most of my favorite foods come in liquid form. I stick mainly to beer and soup, but come spring I like to work the occasional smoothie into the mix as well. I make more smoothies at home than I order out, however, because the take-out models tend to be too expensive for a snack and not substantial enough for a meal. Restaurant smoothies aren't insubstantial in terms of calories—you easily can cram several hundred calories and triple-digit grams of sugar into a fruit smoothie—but rather in terms of "Wait, that wasn't lunch; that was a very sweet pink thing that required no chewing." More

It's Back: the Shamrock Shake at McDonald's

Fast Food Drinks Lauren Rothman 25 comments

People go gaga over this drink: each Shamrock season, blogs (like, well, us) and news sites around the country hail its return to the McDonald's menu, and there's even an entire website, shamrockshake.com, devoted to tracking down the milkshake (which, presumably, will be a lot easier to do this year, but that hasn't stopped users from breathlessly posting local "sightings"). What is it about this soft-serve creation that gets people so fired up? More

Reality Check: New Bacon Shake from Jack in the Box

Fast Food Drinks Adam Lindsley 26 comments

As part of Jack in the Box's recent and mildly disturbing "Love Bacon? Marry It." advertising campaign, the scientists slaving away in the fast food chain's laboratories have concocted a new milkshake that will either have you sprinting to the nearest franchise location or recoiling in horror: the Bacon Shake. More

New Drinks: McDonald's McCafé Peppermint Mocha and Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Fast Food Drinks Maggie Hoffman 8 comments

McDonald's recently introduced two seasonal treats in branches nationwide: McCafé Peppermint Mocha and Peppermint Hot Chocolate. They're available now through January 2, just in time to wash down your pies and tins full of Christmas cookies. More

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