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Cool Outdoor Coffee Gear

Coffee Meister 6 comments

Whether you're camping, picnicking, or basking in the radiant heat of the grill all spring and summer long, there's plenty of gear to help you stay caffeinated in the great outdoors. More

The Climber Pouch: Wine To Take Camping

Maggie Hoffman 18 comments

My brother is something of a serious outdoorsman. And though he's happy to go camping with just a tarp (who needs tents?) and toothbrush, he's also been known to jazz it up a bit, tucking a bottle of wine in his frame pack, despite the long hike ahead. More

The Cider Press Taste Test: Canned Ciders

Chris Lehault 18 comments

Unpretentious and refreshing, canned ciders should be drunk ice cold, preferably with a group of friends, during the hot summer months. As the thermostat hit 90ยบ this past weekend in NYC, we scoured the shelves and came back with four canned ciders to test out for your next camping or boating trip. More

Coffee Traditions: Cowboy Coffee

Meister 16 comments

Feeling the simultaneous need for the outdoors and a steaming mug of coffee? The two don't have to be mutually exclusive: Just ask a cowboy. (How'd ya think they stayed awake all night watchin' for coyotes, anyway?) More

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