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Hangover Helper: The Corned Beef Cheek Hash from Craigie On Main, Cambridge MA

Beef cheeks are braised until meltingly tender, the rich liquid enhanced by the rendered fat from the beef. If you're lucky, you'll get there on a day when they couple the beef cheeks with a few chunks of corned beef tongue. Tiny cubes of potatoes, turnips, celery root, squash, and onions are roasted until deeply browned, and the whole mess is topped with a perfectly poached egg. More

Hangover Helper: Jalapeno Chicken Sausage, Black Bean, and Egg Flatbread at Tory Row in Cambridge, MA

There are several nice egg options, but my current favorite when I've got some cobwebs to clear is the jalapeño chicken sausage, black bean, and scrambled egg flatbread with Vermont cheddar and pico de gallo ($9). Doesn't that sound at once filling, fog-cutting, and borderline healthyish? It certainly feels like all of those things early on a Sunday afternoon. More

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