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The Best Bloody Marys in Boston

Where to Drink: Boston Rebeccah Marsters 14 comments

Determined to find the tastiest and most creative Bloody Marys here in Boston, I penciled in a couple of weekends worth of boozy brunches, and set out to sacrifice myself for the cause. More

Hangover Helper: The Corned Beef Cheek Hash from Craigie On Main, Cambridge MA

Hangover Helper J. Kenji López-Alt 3 comments

Beef cheeks are braised until meltingly tender, the rich liquid enhanced by the rendered fat from the beef. If you're lucky, you'll get there on a day when they couple the beef cheeks with a few chunks of corned beef tongue. Tiny cubes of potatoes, turnips, celery root, squash, and onions are roasted until deeply browned, and the whole mess is topped with a perfectly poached egg. More

Cool Drinks, Boston: Sofra's Red Dragon

Where to Drink: Boston Liz Bomze 1 comment

Sour cherry fans will go wild for this. It's like sipping pie filling through a straw, except that the iced tea gives it a cleaner, more refreshing finish and mellows the sweetness. More

Hangover Helper: Jalapeno Chicken Sausage, Black Bean, and Egg Flatbread at Tory Row in Cambridge, MA

Hangover Helper Will Gordon 3 comments

There are several nice egg options, but my current favorite when I've got some cobwebs to clear is the jalapeño chicken sausage, black bean, and scrambled egg flatbread with Vermont cheddar and pico de gallo ($9). Doesn't that sound at once filling, fog-cutting, and borderline healthyish? It certainly feels like all of those things early on a Sunday afternoon. More

Green Street in Cambridge, MA: Sterling Cocktail Craft in a Plain Brown Wrapper

Where to Drink: Boston MC Slim JB 3 comments

Green's Street Big [Cocktail] List runs the gamut from the Colonial period through the Golden Age right up to the modern moment. It's a wonderland, an imbiber's amusement park with too many rides to explore in a month, let alone a weekend. More

Inmanhattan at Trina's Starlight Lounge in Somerville, MA

Where to Drink: Boston Meredith Smith Post a comment

Straddling the Cambridge-Somerville line, Trina's Starlight Lounge seemed to come with a bar full of neighborhood regulars when they opened in the fall of 2009. It quickly became the post-shift living room for industry folk. You would be well-served to order one of the craft cocktails, such as the Inmanhattan ($9). More

Uncorking the Negroni at Temple Bar in Cambridge, MA

Where to Drink: Boston Meredith Smith 3 comments

Hugh Reynolds of Temple Bar in Cambridge uncorked his first batch of Negronis in October. Into the cask goes gin, campari, and sweet vermouth. Over a couple of weeks the cocktail transforms into a rounder, smoother, extremely drinkable version of itself. More

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