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Brewery to Watch: Sante Adairius Rustic Ales

Chris Cohen 6 comments

The American-inspired ales from Sante Adairius are just as excellent as their farmhouse and Belgian-inspired beers. We went to the brewery to chat with co-owner Tim Clifford about his sources of inspiration and plans for the future. More

What Are You Drinking, Dan Petroski?

What Are You Drinking? Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

Harvest season is wrapping up in California, and soon the region's winemakers will finally get to catch up on some sleep. But before that happens, we wanted to check in with one of our local favorites: Dan Petroski of Massican, an upstart winery focused on making Italian-inspired white wines in Napa Valley. More

3 Up-and-Coming Breweries in Los Angeles

Where to Drink: Los Angeles Farley Elliott 1 comment

We chat with the folks behind three new Los Angeles breweries about their inspirations, their brewing systems, and their plans for world domination. More

What Are You Drinking, Jon Bonné?

What Are You Drinking? Maggie Hoffman 3 comments

We chat with the San Francisco Chronicle's Jon Bonné about his new book on California wine, his thoughts on restaurant wine lists (in San Francisco and NYC), and the debate over alcohol levels and balance in wine. More

Pairings Pictured: California Cinsault

Pairings Pictured Hawk Wakawaka Post a comment

Cinsault's spice, reminiscent of peppercorn and cardamom, and its bright red fruit does well with grilled vegetables, grilled pork, and grilled chicken. But the wine also loves the creamy, distinctive flavors of a mild Thai curry. More

Harvest Begins in California: Snapshots From Dirty and Rowdy Family Winery

Maggie Hoffman 1 comment

Harvest in wine country, says Hardy Wallace of Dirty and Rowdy Family Winery, is a bit like juggling squirrels. There are vineyards to check on and grapes to pick as soon as they're ripe—and most of those vineyards aren't anywhere close by. There's weather to worry about and fermentations getting started in the cellar. I asked the Dirty and Rowdy team to share some snapshots from the growing season and harvest so far, as well as a little preview of the wines to come. More

Hangover Helper: Green Eggs and Ham from Mar'sel at the Terranea Resort in Los Angeles

Hangover Helper Farley Elliott 3 comments

The redefined Green Eggs and Ham at Mar'sel at the Terranea Resort is the perfect cure for a high class hangover. More

Christina Turley on California Wine

What Are You Drinking? Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

We recently chatted with Christina Turley of Turley Wine Cellars about how she got into the wine business and what she's drinking lately. In today's installment, we chat about what's new in California wine, up-and-coming winery projects to seek out, and where to look for the best value wines. More

What Are You Drinking, Christina Turley?

What Are You Drinking? Maggie Hoffman 3 comments

We asked Christina Turley (of Turley Wine Cellars in California) a bit about how she found her way into wine...and what she's drinking now. More

Ribolla Gialla: The Rest of A Rare Grape's Story

Adventures with Weird Wine Grapes Stevie Stacionis Post a comment

There's more to the story of Ribolla Gialla, particularly in the Napa Valley. More

What Are You Drinking, Lance Winters?

What Are You Drinking? Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

Master distiller Lance Winters produces delicious small-batch gin, absinthe, whiskey, rum, and more at St. George Spirits in Alameda, CA. We recently chatted with Winters about what he's drinking, how he got started in the distilling business, where craft distilling is going in the US, and a few fun projects he's releasing soon. More

What's On the Back Bar at The French Laundry?

Maggie Hoffman 5 comments

For more than 18 years, Thomas Keller's acclaimed French Laundry in Yountville, CA did just fine without a spirits program. (It's hard for people to be disappointed by Champagne in the garden and a cornet of salmon tartare.) But after a quiet launch in February, this May they officially announced their first forays into hard alcohol, focusing on a library of super-rare bottles. More

Put This in Your Cuba Libre: St. George California Agricole Rum

Spirit Reviews Maggie Hoffman 2 comments

This rum, made from fresh California-grown sugarcane juice, makes one of the best Cuba Libres I've ever tried. More

First Look: Cocktails at Novela in San Francisco

First Look Lauren Sloss 1 comment

When Kate Bolton and Alex Smith sat down to develop the drinks list for Novela, they found themselves facing a familiar challenge. How can you reconcile a craft cocktail program with a high-volume, potentially impatient clientele? The answer: punch on tap. More

The 'Unfashionable' Semillon Grape Gets Dirty and Rowdy in Napa

Stevie Stacionis 3 comments

"Semillon is not a fashionable variety," announces Wine Grapes. "Nowhere outside Sauternes," the book continues, "does there seem to be a groundswell of enthusiasm for this noble variety." Time for a re-write, Wine Grapes. More

Hangover Helper: Duck Burrito at Koi Palace, Daly City, CA

Hangover Helper Maggie Hoffman 4 comments

Though 'burrito' isn't really the keyword you're usually looking for on a dim sum menu, this particular item, the Shredded Duck Burrito ($6.90) is a must-order at Koi Palace. It's essentially a set of two flaky, just slightly-greasy, tender scallion pancakes, rolled around moist, rich slices of duck and spears of cucumber. More

Coming Soon to CA: Headlands Brewing Company

Mike Reis Post a comment

Bay Area drinkers are sucking down local suds faster than they can be produced, and local entrepreneurs are taking the hint. Patrick Horn (co-founder of Pacific Brewing Labs), Phil Cutti (head brewer for Southpaw BBQ), and Inna Volynskaya (who has worked in operations for Lagunitas) are three such entrepreneurs. Their project, Headlands Brewing Company, launches late this June. More

First Look: All of the Cocktails at Tribune Tavern, Oakland CA

First Look Lauren Sloss Post a comment

Downtown Oakland gets quiet on the weekends. The work week crowd, dispersed to Lake Merritt, Temescal, and Berkeley, leaves the streets more or less empty, and many of the restaurants closed. But tucked under the towering Oakland Tribune building lies a new cocktail destination, harkening back to the hard drinking, three-martini lunch days of newspaper glory. More

7 Great California Rosés You Should Be Drinking Now

Maggie Hoffman 5 comments

These 7 dry rosés were made with an eye toward balance and character, and the results are elegant, refreshing, and just darn delicious. They'll make you want to get out an ice bucket and blow off work for the afternoon. (And since they're all pretty low in alcohol, you can pour yourself another glass or two.) More

First Look: Cocktails at Paiche, Los Angeles

First Look Julie Wolfson 2 comments

Rocoto, aji amarillo, huacatay, and leche de tigre are just a few of the Peruvian flavors that fill the menus of Chef Ricardo Zarate's three Los Angeles restaurants. The newest, Paiche, just opened in Marina Del Rey, and aims to explore the kinship between Peruvian and Japanese cuisine in an izakaya style setting. Head bartender Deysi Alvarez of Mo-Chica now also helms the Paiche bar. Her goal with Paiche was to harness the energy of the coastal location, playing with drinks from both the bright and fruity side and seriously boozy side of the cocktail spectrum. More

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