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Hangover Helper: The Dee Snider From Grill 'Em All Burgers in Los Angeles

Hangover Helper Farley Elliott 5 comments

The Dee Snider at Grill 'Em All Burgers features bacon, Sriracha, peanut butter, and jelly—some might call it the perfect hangover cure. More

Ask a Sommelier: Which Wines Go Best with Burgers?

Ask a Sommelier Maggie Hoffman 6 comments

You have ketchup. Sauteed mushrooms and onions. A whole array of cheese options. Maybe you're even the kind of freak who likes lettuce on your burger (weirdo). But when it's burger night, do you have wine ready? We asked 10 top sommeliers from around the country for their burger-night picks. More

Hangover Helper: In-N-Out To The Rescue

Hangover Helper J. Kenji López-Alt 37 comments

This time I was presented with a conundrum: Most of my sleeping would take place on a plane, and without a fridge full of cheese and bacon-based products at my disposal upon rising, coming up with a proper Hangover Helper might prove to be a bit difficult. As usual, In-N-Out came to the rescue. More

Best Wines for Grilling: Burgers

Wine Pairings Sarah Chappell 11 comments

Summer time means grilling time, and there's a wine that goes well with just about anything you can put on a grill. Our first challenge: the burger. A grilled burger gains some extra flavor from the char and smoke of the grill. Add to that the multitude of topping options (cheese? onions? mushrooms? tomatoes?) and you've got a whole lotta flavor going on. But fear not, there are plenty of wines that can stand up to the behemoth you are going to create. More

Beer Pairings: What to Drink with Sliders

Beer Pairings Michael Agnew 12 comments

A good burger will complement a wide variety of beers from pilsners to porters. But attention paid to ingredients and preparation can reveal the secrets to finding the perfect pairing. The toasty, browned crust on the beef and the sweet caramelized onions give these sliders a couple of flavor hooks to help you narrow down the selection of brews. More

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