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Ask a Coffee Roaster: What's Your Favorite Coffee-Growing Country?

Coffee Liz Clayton 4 comments

Nowadays, folks who roast coffee for even relatively small, artisan roasting companies are able to travel the world to visit the places where coffee grows, and meet the farmers there. We asked four roasters what their favorite growing origins are, and why. More

Around the Caffeinated World: The First Colonies

Meister Post a comment

Thank heavens the Earth ain't flat, because the New World is an incredibly significant coffee-producing region—thanks in large part to the plants being shuffled around by European colonial powers gaining ground hither, thither, and yon. We're about to follow the Dutch and, subsequently, the French around the world on this caffeinated history trip. More

Coffee Tree to Cup in Brazil: Part 5, The Drink

Carey Jones 3 comments

When we last saw our coffee, it'd been picked and sorted, pitted and dried, rested and roasted. Now? It's time to make a cup of coffee. For that, we'll take you back down to Brazil. For maximum enjoyment, we'd leave you to the eminently capable hands pictured above: those of award-winning barista Silvia Magalhães at Octavio's São Paulo cafe. But first? We're doing a cupping. More

Coffee Tree to Cup in Brazil: Part 4, The Roasting

Carey Jones 2 comments

We last saw our coffee beans—picked, sifted, cleaned, seperated, shelled, dried, and sorted—back in the processing plant. But in order to turn those green beans into the black, crunchy coffee beans you think of, there's one more step: roasting. That's where Dallis Coffee comes in. More

Coffee Tree to Cup in Brazil: Part I, The Farm

Carey Jones 4 comments

I'm willing to bet that, unless you're from a tropical area or have taken some effort to educate yourself, you have trouble envisioning just where coffee comes from. (And I include myself, as of a few years ago, in that group.) So I jumped at the chance to spend a few days in the heart of the coffee harvest, with Octavio Café and Dallis Coffee, down in the endless coffee fields of Pedregulho, Brazil—picking coffee fruit, pulling out the beans, seeing how they're sorted and dried and milled and roasted and, ultimately, brewed up into the black stuff that wakes you up in the morning. More

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