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How to Build a Beer Book Library

Heather Vandenengel 7 comments

Whether you're just getting into beer or you've become a serious homebrewer, these are the essential books to stock your home library. More

4 Great Coffee Books for Beginners and Coffee Geeks

Coffee Liz Clayton 1 comment

Some days, it's just not enough to drink coffee, is it? After you've consumed your daily maximum, do you muse: if only there was a way to continue to think about, learn about, dream about coffee... But there is! Here's a quick list of great coffee books to get you started. More

Ask a Cicerone: What's the Best Way to Learn About Beer?

Ask a Cicerone Maggie Hoffman 2 comments

Does your New Year's resolution involve becoming a beer expert? Do you have a plan of attack? We asked our crew of Certified Cicerones for their tips: how to get better at tasting and describing beer, how to learn about all the many beer styles, and what books are definitely worth reading. More

The Curious Bartender: Reimagined Cocktails from Across the Pond

Book Reviews Kevin Liu 8 comments

Used for reference or inspiration, The Curious Bartender is a worthwhile buy for anyone interested in learning about making better drinks. Most of the recipes in this book fall under the "weekend project" category—for the curious, it makes a pretty classy gift. More

When Women Were Burned as Witches for Making Whiskey

Book Reviews Reid Mitenbuler Post a comment

In the impressive new book, Whiskey Women, Fred Minnick illustrates an unfortunate bias woven into the history of what is typically considered a male-centric drink, and tells stories about women who have held important roles in the many different parts of whiskey history. More

5 Drink-Related Books We're Reading Now

Book Reviews The Serious Eats Team Post a comment

Our thoughts on a few recently published books on drinking, from coffee to whiskey to cider to wine. More

What Are You Drinking, Jon Bonné?

What Are You Drinking? Maggie Hoffman 3 comments

We chat with the San Francisco Chronicle's Jon Bonné about his new book on California wine, his thoughts on restaurant wine lists (in San Francisco and NYC), and the debate over alcohol levels and balance in wine. More

The Complete Beer Course: Boot Camp for Beer Geeks

Book Reviews Mike Reis 1 comment

This is a book intended to educate true beer beginners, but there's plenty here for the more experienced drinker as well. More

Ask a Sommelier: Which Wine Books Do You Love?

Ask a Sommelier Maggie Hoffman 1 comment

We asked 15 sommeliers for their advice on the best wine books, from entertaining stories to technical tomes full of helpful maps. Here are their recommendations. More

3 Good Drinks from Charles H. Baker's Jigger, Beaker, and Glass

Cocktail 101 Michael Dietsch 5 comments

I have spoken often here of my love of Charles H. Baker's The Gentleman's Companion, a culinary memoir of his many travels around the world. Published in 1939, the Companion is a rambling book, written in a faux-Victorian style. The book was published in two volumes, in a handsome red slipcover case that held both. The original editions are long out of print, but the publisher has kept less ornate reprints in stock, as separate books. The drinks book is available as Jigger, Beaker, and Glass. More

What Did Wine Taste Like Thousands of Years Ago?

Drinking in History Reid Mitenbuler 11 comments

Nasty, with underlying notes of totally gross. In places and times marked by disease, with rainwater fanning into greasy plumes across city streets before depositing a muck of human waste and manure into wells, wine made with pine sap and marble dust didn't seem so bad. More

Cocktail 101: How to Build a Cocktail Library

Book Reviews Michael Dietsch 12 comments

Advice on building a cocktail library, starting with basic recipe books and then adding histories, guides to single spirits, books on more esoteric topics, and memoirs by boozers and bartenders. More

Read This Now: The Drunken Botanist

Book Reviews Michael Dietsch 3 comments

The Drunken Botanist by Amy Stewart is not the book I was expecting it to be. I assumed I'd find a book about using seasonal ingredients to make cocktails, infusions, bitters, and the like. Instead, it turned out to be a very engaging book about the botanical origins of our favorite drinks: beer, wine, spirits, and even a mixer or two. More

Book Review: Drink & Tell, A Boston Cocktail Book

Book Reviews Michael Dietsch 2 comments

Fred Yarm knows how to drink in Boston. If you follow his blog Cocktail Virgin/Slut, you already know this. Now he's put his tippling expertise into print in his new book Drink & Tell: A Boston Cocktail Book. More

Coffee Reads: 'Coffee Life in Japan'

Book Reviews Liz Clayton Post a comment

For those for like a little culture in their food-based beach reading, Merry White's Coffee Life in Japan offers an academic treatment to a culinary movement—and cultural phenomenon—so often treated lightly. More

Barfly Books: A Drinking Life by Pete Hamill

Book Reviews Michael Dietsch 3 comments

It's no surprise that a great drinking town such as New York City has given rise to a body of boozy prose that's just as eclectic and big-hearted. Today we're launching into an irregular series that looks at books rooted, at least in part, in New York's drinking culture. More

Gorgeous Cocktail Book: Vintage Cocktails

Book Reviews Maggie Hoffman 5 comments

Cocktails are beautiful—crystal-clear blocks of ice, quirky antique glassware, the jewel tones of aperitif wines, the carefully balanced garnish. We drink with our eyes first. So it's strange that I own so few truly beautiful cocktail books. More

Coffee Reads: 'Joe: The Coffee Book'

Book Reviews Meister Post a comment

What's the second best thing to drinking coffee? Reading about it. Today we're checking out the newest contribution to the caffeinated canon, from the folks behind the New York coffee-shop chain: Joe: The Coffee Book. More

Book Review: Juicy Drinks by Valerie Aikman-Smith

Book Reviews Anne Zimmerman Post a comment

Juicy Drinks disappointed me but it may not disappoint you, especially if you're armed with a good juicer and fonder of drinks that don't come spiked with the strong stuff. More

Serious Reads: 2 New Books for Seasonal Sips

Book Reviews Anne Zimmerman 2 comments

It's time to reinvigorate your cocktail routine for warmer weather. How about an Aloe Pompier? Or would you rather cool down from a hot work week with a Kamikaze Popsicle? You say you want both? We'll never tell. These two recently published books will help you mix up new boozy refreshments for spring (and each title costs just a bit more than a single drink out on the town.) More

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