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How to Identify Bad Flavors in Your Beer

Mike Reis 12 comments

We've now explored the sources of a pretty good range of the many delicious flavors that can be found in beer. But what about the not-so-delicious ones? Here are a few things to look for if you want to figure out what went wrong with that funky beer in your glass. More

How to Identify Yeast Flavors in Beer: Wild Yeast and Bacteria

Mike Reis Post a comment

If there's one trend in craft beer that has fought hardest to beat out the hoppy-hoppier-hoppiest IPA arms race, it's the boom in popularity of sour beer. These small production, time-intensive brews offer an intriguing history (and hype-inducing rarity), but it's their unique flavor that seems to turn most drinkers into dedicated sour beer fans. The tart, puckering taste is often met with a shocked, love-it-or-hate-it type of reaction, and those with the former can't seem to get enough of the stuff. The secret ingredients that set these beers apart from the rest of the brews on the shelf are actually living creatures: yeast and bacteria. More

How to Identify Yeast Flavors in Beer: Esters, Phenols, and Alcohols

Mike Reis 1 comment

Folks in the beer industry like to say that brewers don't really make beer. Brewers make wort—which is the stuff that yeast makes into beer. Yeast and its performance has a huge impact on a brewer's final product. But what does that taste like? More

How to Identify Oats, Rye, Wheat, Corn, and Rice in Your Beer

Mike Reis 16 comments

Adjunct: it's a dirty word to a lot of craft beer fanatics, conjuring images of cackling evil Bud/Miller/Coors brewers alternately dumping bags of corn into their beer and money into their bank accounts. But like any good curse word, it has its f#&$@n' place. More

How to Identify Malt Flavor in Beer: Specialty Grains

Mike Reis 2 comments

When it comes to malt flavor in beer, it's helpful to think of your grist (the sum of all grains used in the beer's mash) as a choir. The base grain fills out the risers—the core of the choir's sound—but fades into the background as bold soloists strut their stuff. Specialty grains are those soloists. And what a delicious song they sing. More

How To Identify Malt Flavor in Beer: Base Malts

Mike Reis 2 comments

Now that you're getting pretty darn good at identifying different hop varieties, it's time we looked at another major flavor contributor in beer: malt. You've seen how its made, and if you've ever had Grape Nuts, you've got a pretty good idea of how it tastes on its own. But how can you tell which malts you're drinking when you're drinking beer? More

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