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From Behind the Bar: What Makes a Good Bar?

I drink an Old Fashioned at Clover Club in Brooklyn, and drink Coronas while eating $1 tacos on the porch at The Sire in Riverside, California. I love both places for very different reasons; the only thing they have in common is that they have successfully crossed the boundary that separates places that merely sell drinks from what can generally be termed a good bar. More

Greening the Bar

When it comes to living an environmentally friendly lifestyle, the consumption of spirits & cocktails is a definite bump in the road. But there are a few bars and bartenders who are trying to step lightly when wielding the cocktail shaker. More

Take It Outside, Junior

In Sunday’s New York Times, Alex Williams wades into a modern minefield of a topic: parents who bring their children into bars. Williams’ article, “Look Who’s Getting Rolled Out of the Bar,” takes a look at parents who like to... More

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