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We Try Every Barefoot Bubbly

Seema Gunda 7 comments

Labeling aside, we wondered if there were any good values to be found among the 7 dollar array of sparkling wine that Barefoot has to offer. More

We Try Every Red Wine from Barefoot

Wine Under $20 Seema Gunda 7 comments

This week, we worked our way through the second chapter in the Barefoot lineup: the reds. And our journey was actually much more enjoyable than our tasting of Barefoot's whites. More

We Try Every White Wine from Barefoot

Wine Under $20 Seema Gunda 8 comments

My mom came into town this weekend. And she came to our Serious Eats wine tasting. I figured a lineup of Barefoot whites would actually be very appropriate for my mom, as most of what I've heard is that they tend to be light, fruity, and sweet (and inexpensive, at about $7 a bottle). Most of them fit the bill, but a couple stood out as much more palatable compared to the rest of the lot. More

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