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Cool Beer and Barbecue Video: Beer Diaries at Franklin BBQ in Austin

Maggie Hoffman 2 comments

Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue in Austin recently collaborated with local brewery Thirsty Planet to create Franklin Smoked Porter (apparently he's a big porter fan). He tells the tale in the video, as well as chatting a bit about the local Austin craft brewery scene, plus sharing his recommendations for the best beers to drink with barbecue. More

First Look: Cocktails at Hi Lo BBQ, San Francisco

First Look Lauren Sloss Post a comment

At Hi Lo BBQ, don't count on drinking crappy beer to wash down your brisket. The Mission's newly opened barbecue spot, which features a menu of both Southern-style and globally influenced barbecue and a farmer's market-rich roster of starters and sides, has a drinks program to match its culinary pedigree. More

Expert Tips: Beer and Wine for Your 4th of July Cookout

Maggie Hoffman Post a comment

A casual cookout isn't the time for fancy, expensive drinks, but we love to find out what the experts are sipping, whether it's American-brewed ales or locally made wine. We asked a few brewmasters and restaurant wine directors to share their tips for the ultimate July 4th party: the best beer and wine for burgers, hot dogs, and more. Here are their picks. More

Your Guide to Father's Day Drinking

Maggie Hoffman 1 comment

Maybe you're ahead of the game and already planned an awesome Father's Day meal and scored a great gift for your dad. You picked up the perfect beer and booze to make the day celebratory. Oh, you didn't, yet? No worries. We asked a few expert friends—brewmasters, bartenders, and restaurant beverage directors—for tips on what to drink and what to buy to make Dad's day awesome. More

Beer Pairings: What to Drink with Ribs

Beer Pairings Michael Agnew 11 comments

When pairing ribs with beer, you want to reach for malt-forward beers that offer sweetness or roast. More

The Best Wines to Drink with Ribs

Wine Pairings Sarah Chappell 15 comments

Succulent ribs can be prepared from pork or beef, but in terms of selecting a wine to drink with them, the sauce and spices are the most important consideration. Dry-rub ribs have spicy notes that respond well to earthier wines. The wet ribs need something fruitier or off-dry to balance and enhance the sauce. Here are a few of our favorite wine picks for your next rib dinner. More

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