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6 Great Affordable Imperial Stouts from California

Beer Reviews Jen Muehlbauer 5 comments

I'll drink a stout any day of the year, but it's impossible to argue with dark beer in winter. Considering stresses that can accompany December, you're forgiven for reaching for stouts with a bit more nerve-soothing booze than usual. Enter imperial stout, or as I like to describe it to Irish stout loyalists: "three Guinnesses in one glass." More

3 Must-Try American Rums

Spirit Reviews Andrew Strenio 4 comments

The American rum industry is making a comeback, with craft distillers in the forefront. And these three white rums are definitely worth lugging to the beach. More

8 Memorable Sips from San Francisco Beer Week

Where to Drink: San Francisco David Kover 5 comments

With over 300 events in a ten day span, we hardly scratched the surface of everything on offer during SF Beer Week. But at just about every stop we made, it seemed clear the brewers had gone out of their way to tap their stores for the unique, the rare, the strong, and sometimes the strange. Check out the slideshow for 8 of our most memorable sips from SF Beer Week. More

Serious Beer: California Amber Ales

Beer Reviews Jonathan Moxey 7 comments

Amber ale is pale ale's easy drinking yet slightly beefier big brother. These beers have a fuller body with a rich caramel malt profile. We tried thirteen of California's amber ales—do you have a favorite? More

A Pint With: Yuseff Cherney, Head Brewer of Ballast Point Brewing and Spirits

A Pint With Maggie Hoffman 2 comments

Yuseff Cherney, the head brewer at Ballast Point Brewing Company in San Diego, tells us a little about the founding of the company, the scene in San Diego, and how he goes about developing recipes for his award-winning brews. More

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