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Meat-Infused Spirits and More at CU29 in Austin

Where to Drink: Austin Melody Fury 2 comments

CU29's meat infusions aren't limited to Franklin Barbecue brisket: they also make a peppered turkey gin. More

The Best Happy Hours in Austin

Where to Drink: Austin Melody Fury 12 comments

Our guide to great Austin happy hours that you may not have visited yet. More

First Look: Cocktails at Qui in Austin, Texas

First Look Melody Fury 5 comments

When diners arrive at Paul Qui's long awaited formal restaurant, simply named qui, they are first escorted to the bar, where bar manager Michael Simon and his team shake up pre-dinner beverages that can also be sipped on the restaurant's spacious patio. "There are lots of savory elements to the drinks," said Simon. "They're boozy but balanced; salty, sweet, and sour, so they can pair well with food." More

First Look: Cocktails at Whisler's in Austin, Texas

First Look Melody Fury 1 comment

On a trip to New York City, veteran Austin bartender Scranton Twohey visited 27 bars in 4 days, and after returning, he lamented the lack of creativity in Austin's cocktail scene. Twohey softly opened Whisler's in the old Rabbit Lounge on East 6th in mid-May, and allowed the word to spread organically. More

A Look at the Beer Cocktails at Brew Exchange in Austin, TX

Where to Drink: Austin Melody Fury Post a comment

A few weeks ago, head bartender Phil Vuong and his team launched a brand new beer cocktail menu at Brew Exchange in Austin. Shandies may dot beer menus around Austin, but this is the first complete beer cocktail menu that I've found in the city. More

Cool Beer and Barbecue Video: Beer Diaries at Franklin BBQ in Austin

Maggie Hoffman 2 comments

Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue in Austin recently collaborated with local brewery Thirsty Planet to create Franklin Smoked Porter (apparently he's a big porter fan). He tells the tale in the video, as well as chatting a bit about the local Austin craft brewery scene, plus sharing his recommendations for the best beers to drink with barbecue. More

First Look: Texas Craft Beer at Craft Pride in Austin, TX

First Look Melody Fury Post a comment

At the recently-opened Craft Pride on Rainey Street in Austin, Brandy and J.T. Egli serve Texas-brewed beer, and only Texas-brewed beer. They're serving beers from 23 Texas breweries out of 54 draughts and 2 casks. More

Where to Drink Coffee in Austin, Texas

Coffee Liz Clayton 8 comments

For those who plan to spend their trip to SXSW—or any trip to Austin, really—staying up late and, maybe, possibly, consuming lots of tacos and booze: a solid morning (or afternoon or even evening) coffee is going to be of the utmost importance. Thus, we offer a quick guide to some of the finest cafes in this land of sensory indulgence. More

Hungover in Austin? Go To Torchy's Tacos

Hangover Helper J. Kenji López-Alt 10 comments

There's nothing on the menu at the several branches of Torchy's that wouldn't send a hangover back to the depths from whence it came, but might I make a few suggestions? We've already told you about The Dirty Sanchez, with its fried poblano, scrambled eggs, and guacamole, but the Independent is another strong contender for best-in-show: a slab of deep-fried breaded portobello mushroom perched not-so-daintily on a pile of fresh corn kernels, piled with pickled carrots, avocado, queso fresco, and a squirt of ancho chili aioli. Did I say "perched not-so-daintily"? What I meant was "slammed raunchily". More

The Best Margaritas in Austin, Texas

Where to Drink: Austin Melody Fury 9 comments

It's rare to find a bar menu in Austin that doesn't have at least one margarita on it, and it's no wonder that this simple concoction is so well loved under the Texas sun. The combination of lime, tequila, and orange liqueur has the ability to quench thirst and make even the worst heat more bearable. We drank our way around Austin to find the best examples possible. More

Ring in the New Year with 5 Punch Recipes from Austin, Texas

Recipe Roundups Melody Fury Post a comment

Mixing punch is a fun and festive way to serve up cocktails without the fuss, especially for New Year's Eve. Punches are intended to encourage socializing—break out the big bowl and the ladle, hand everyone a glass, and the party has officially started. We polled a few of our favorite Austin-area bartenders for punch recipes, and the results are festive, bright, and easy-drinking. More

Hangover Helper: Frito Pie at Lamberts in Austin, TX

Hangover Helper Wes Rowe 4 comments

Growing up in Texas, the state where experienced my first hangover, you learn, eventually, that some of the best foods when you are sober are also the best for your hangover. Nothing better sums up Texas eats for me than these three items: brisket, queso*, and Fritos. The first two I only recommend eating in Texas and the third, while nationally available, is a Texas original. More

Where Bartenders Drink in Austin, Texas

Where Bartenders Drink Melody Fury 2 comments

They shake them, strain them, and pour them, but where do they drink 'em? Austin is home to many great bartenders who can make a mean drink. They also listen to guests ramble on about their problems, break up bar fights, and clean up spilled beers. After a long shift, it's their turn to unwind. We asked 8 bartenders about their favorite watering holes, whether they're looking for craft beer, calm outdoor space, or classy cocktails. More

Hangover Helper: Counter Benedict from Counter Cafe in Austin

Hangover Helper Meredith Bethune 2 comments

This retro diner is so tiny that you'll inevitably wait for a table. Standing outside when the temperature exceeds 100 degrees is excruciating with a pounding headache and an empty stomach. The things we're willing to do do for an all-day breakfast menu packed with Texas favorites like breakfast tacos and a pimento cheese sandwich... More

Hangover Helper: Tamale Breakfast at Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse and Café in Austin, Texas

Hangover Helper Meredith Bethune 4 comments

Vegetarian boozers are lucky in Austin. They can't rely on bacon and egg breakfast tacos to cure their hangovers, but at least they have Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse and Café. This combination coffee shop and restaurant serves fresh vegetarian sandwiches, tacos, and other satisfying fare at bargain prices. There's no need to drag yourself out of bed too early because breakfast is served all day. You'll enjoy your meal in a bright and inviting space among a quirky crowd of aging hippies and young hipsters. More

First Look: Cocktails at Swift's Attic in Austin

Where to Drink: Austin Melody Fury Post a comment

Bar manager Jeff Hammett brings humor and a bit of snark to the approachable cocktail menu. While he's all for the the fine craft cocktail movement, he doesn't like to take himself too seriously. "Never call me a mixologist", he warned. Fun and flavor are on the forefront of his creations and each quirky name has a story to tell. More

5 Whiskey Cocktail Recipes from Haddingtons in Austin, Texas

Where to Drink: Austin Melody Fury Post a comment

The menu showcases a pretty wide range of classic and modern cocktails, but their collection of creative whiskey libations is particularly impressive. On chillier evenings (by Texas standards), you'll want to unwind with a Duck Fat Sazerac (and an order of the velvety truffle egg custard on crusty bread.) Not in Texas? You can still enjoy Brandon Burkart's drinks, since he was kind enough to share the recipes with us. More

Coffee Profile: Cuvee Coffee in Austin, Texas

Where to Drink: Austin Meister 1 comment

Texas might be famous for many of its culinary contributions—brisket barbecue, for instance, and a sizzling-hot platters of fajitas—but coffee? Maybe not yet, but Mike McKim of small-but-mighty Austin-based specialty coffee roaster Cuvée has something to say about that. More

Hangover Helper: The Dirty Sanchez at Torchy's Tacos, Austin

Hangover Helper Carey Jones 16 comments

The Dirty Sanchez is a vegetarian hangover helper that's every bit as sloppy and satisfying as its meatier counterparts. A fried poblano is the centerpiece, with that pepper's great ability to taste reasonably tame and vegetal on first bite, but build to an ever-increasing heat. More

Hangover Helper: Migas Tacos at Veracruz All Natural, Austin

Hangover Helper Carey Jones 1 comment

I often finding myself reaching for chips in the cupboard after a long night out—my salt cravings go from their usual moderate levels to something downright urgent—so I think I've found a new favorite breakfast taco in the Migas Tacos at Veracruz All Natural, a juice and taco truck in an Austin gas station parking lot. More

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