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Ask Beerspotter: What Other Beers Should I Try?

Orr Shtuhl 14 comments

This is a question I get all the time, and I love hearing it: I like Heineken (or Blue Moon, or Guinness, or insert your favorite big-name beer here) and I want to explore some new beers. What should I try? More

Ask Beerspotter: How Should a Non-Beer Drinker Stock a Beer Fridge?

Orr Shtuhl 14 comments

Today's question: How should a non beer drinker stock a beer fridge? Vodka and I are close friends, but I've never cottoned on to beer. So what are some go-to types of beer that will please most crowds? IPA? Hefesomething? Help out a clueless host! More

Send Us Your Beer Questions!

Orr Shtuhl 20 comments

For the newly minted beer enthusiast, there must be areas we're missing. Have you ever tagged along at an IPA tasting, only to keep mum instead of asking what in the heck "IPA" stands for? Or maybe you found yourself at a beer bar, stymied when it came your turn to order? Do you have trouble finding a beer you like? Do you want to know more about why beer tastes like it does? Do you get confused about IBUs and ABVs? More

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