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Ask a Winemaker: What's the Hardest Part of Your Job?

The life of a winemaker sounds pretty darn good: walking in the vineyards, working outdoors, tasting the wines from big cellar barrels...but every job has its challenges, and making wine sure ain't easy. You only get one chance a year to get it right—and then you have to make sure you can sell all those bottles! We asked 18 winemakers from around the world about the challenges of the job. Here's what they had to say. More

Ask A Winemaker: How Did You Get Your Start?

In the Old World, it's often the same story: the wine business runs in the family, the vineyards have been planted for generations. But there's no guarantee that the children will take over, and here in the States, many winemakers are starting into the wine business from scratch. We're always curious about how people who make wine got into the industry—and how they fell in love with wine in the first place. More

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