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Ask a Barista: How Do You Beat Overcaffeination?

Coffee Meister 2 comments

Rough morning and an extra Americano or two left you with shaky hands? Some been-there-done-that pro baristas offer tips for staving off (or recovering from) overcaffeination. More

Ask a Barista: What's the Best Tip You've Ever Gotten?

Coffee Meister 4 comments

Baristas naturally appreciate the extra green in their tip jars, but there's something to be said about the little special extras that pass across the counter as well. We asked nine baristas what the best tip they every got was. (Surprisingly, none answered with, "Don't take any wooden nickles.") More

Ask a Barista: What Drink Do You Hate Making?

Coffee Meister 37 comments

We've all heard bartenders complain about the frustration that muddling a ton of mint for mojito after mojito can cause. What, then, is the mojito of the coffee world? We asked seven baristas to tell us the biggest flow-busters they face behind the espresso bar. More

Ask a Barista: What Drink Do You Love Making?

Coffee Meister 5 comments

Despite the cliche of the too-cool barista, most dedicated coffee pros really do love making your coffee drinks. We asked seven top baristas which orders in particular make their hearts go pitter-pat. (Or is that the caffeine?) More

Ask a Barista: How Do You Make Coffee at Home?

Coffee Meister 6 comments

Baristas spend six to eight hours a day propped in front of behemoth commercial coffee machines, cranking out top-notch drinks for the masses. So how do they take their morning cup when they have to make it for themselves? More

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